Poiel and Gemory from Magick of Angels and Demons

So I was looking at the book Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer and found this combination of the 56th goetic demon Gemory and the Angel Poiel. It says “To attract sexual lust from somebody regardless of their emotions or commitments.”

I’m wondering if it’ll work of anonymous people with only they’re user name? I’m actually trying to take a lil revenge.

Also is it possible to use it as a general way to increase sexual magnetism? Like I’ll attract sexual partners with having a specific target?

Thank you for your advice.

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About the username, It depends on if you are able to feel a link to them from just a username, so yes if this is within your abilities.

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Generally speaking, you do not need to have the actual name of a target. So long as you know who you mean, and that is clear in your request, that works.

If you sense that the angel/demon pair could give you this power which is not listed, it is not unlikely that they could. I would usually turn to a spirit or spirits which are more clearly specialized in that area, but if you have a relationship with Gremory/Poiel and feel that this is them strengthening your connection to them, then I would follow that feeling and see where it goes.

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I have talked to them in discord and played online games with them. I feel like even if I say their username I know who I am talking to. Plus I have their chat history which I can use as a feitish link if I need even though the ritual structure in the dosent require any links, I can still envision the chats and recall moments where I have interacted with them.

I have not worked with Gemory before, I did worked with Poiel when performing rituals from the book 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand.

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