Poetry written while channeling Lucifer. o.0

A friend asked me a question about if I had any ideas or signals as to what is going on with some of the few people I have helped guide on here and this was the answer I was allowed to give.

I know more then most and less then others, for this is the pact I chose.
Lucifer said “on this path when one door opens, another will surely close.
For King Belial in all his splendor will break the chains of your woes.
And the Vast legions of King Azazel will slay your remaining foes.”
“And then comes myself” Lucifer said, “and I enlighten all.
So if you follow I will lead and you will never fall.
For where you walk I walk also, this much you know to be true.
For I plant the seed of rebellion, so your soul will be born anew.”
After I had become, Abaddon was next on my list.
For I seek the power of godhood, and not a single gatekeeper will I miss.
I heard Abaddon’s voice speak from out of the darkness of abyss,
“I will teach you the need for destruction, and dissolve the “good versus evil” myths.”
I studied with Abaddon until he led me to Lucifuge’s gate
“Go through and renew your oaths and we will guide you as you walk your path of fate.”
Now I can not tell you what Lucifuge told me for a sorcerers pact is their own,
Just know that now I walk in power and will never truly be alone.
Beelzebub I called upon to wash my eyes with his sands.
To remove the blinds of this world from my sight was his perfect plan.
Then I was taught by Lord Baal, How to have strength to wield these powers of old.
To fight in the change that is coming, to be one of the warriors foretold.
Asmodeus the great serpent taught me that anger out of love was pure of heart.
And a rebellion made with pure intent will never be torn apart.
And last I came to the throne of Satan, the one with no sigil to behold.
For the father of darkness is in all his children if truth is to be told.
So now I am a product of the knowledge these teachers share.
And I am walking living proof that these “demons from hell” really care.


Great work!

Thanks I literally wrote that in a PM here on the forums today. It just flowed out of me, partially because of reading @UnseelieDiabolus post about “buttprints in the sand” on a different feed. lol


Nice, I practice this often and I find it cool to see others do it as well.


By “this” you mean channeling for poetry?

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Indeed, at the peak of my ambient channeling my body gets uneasy until it gets to write it down as a strong voice in my head start to assemble sentences.

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any of your work on here (the BALG Forum)?

I can post it, just gonna dig it up.


Beautiful! :clap:t2:

Love it!

Omg, I just read this to my 6 year old daughter and her reply was that it was “kind of impressive”! LMAO :rofl:


Great work.


Wow this was amazing! I’m not the only one it seems I recently wrote poetry while possessed by Pan. (I’ve never even written poetry before that) The infernal really brings out music ability :slight_smile:

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