Poem for The Light Bringer

In darkness my life began

The secrets of eternity to forever keep

My soul was a star falling from heaven

Shunned To the dark hewn earth beneath

The creator wrought me wondrously in the beginning

Long before the sun had a name

But He shunned me and my light

And for eons I have wandered in shame

So, I bore my soul to His creations

And brought unto them the light I held

But I was made to them a stranger

A fugitive soon bound unto Hell

I have since lived through eternity

Lost in an endless desert of souls

Exile from my home is my prison

Locked in the cold wilderness below

My fingerprint leaves no impression,

My only warmth is the fire beneath my skin

I sought to be the light bringer

But only feel darkness within


This is beautiful, I love it!

Here is a poem that i wrote for Lucifer (still work in progress)

From the gates of Sitra Achra - I shall raise an army worthy of the Infernal divine
From the suns of the Universe - I shall drain their light and bring the final dawn
From the hearts of the prisoners - I shall be a source upon all to shine
From the depths of the abyssmal sea - I shall strike with wrath, Oh hail Satan’s spawn

A divine pre-cosmic light, The very first Sun, lighthouse of the void
A burning soul of screaming flame, A breathing fire remains untamed
A rebelious spirit holding the flag of end, a vicious bite on throats i rend
The eternal music of the spheres,
Sounded only to the ears of the Gods,
Will be the victory on fear
As YHWH will be choking on his own blood!

My glory is unquestionable, my ascension is inevitable,
Not an Angel nor a demon but a God,
I shall become the most high, Glory of the morning light
Shadow and mystery of the darkest night

I shall never forgive! I shall never submit!
I shall transcend, I shall be

A pretender to the throne, a usurper, DECEIVER!
Despicable monster who’s drunk on dogs piss
Oh what a devil to trick the human mind for he is God?
YHWH - Thou who escapeth and imprisoned us all
Your end is already foretold
Your blood shall fill the skies with scarlet red dawn
For all the Gods to be drunk upon

My glory is unquestionable, my ascension is inevitable,
Not an Angel nor a demon but a God,
I shall become the most high, Glory of the morning light
Shadow and mystery of the darkest night

Can the purest soul become darkest of all?
Filled with hatred of aeons old
To redeem itself and become a whole
To be free
Once and for all

Can the darkest soul, become purest of all?
Filled with long-forgotten love of aeons old
United as one for all to behold
Embrace me
Once and for all


Thank you. I started writing this about a year ago and just recently finished it. Slowly I became obsessed with his character and personality, thinking of what he could his inner struggle could be like.

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I really like this. It is interesting how religion has made someone such as Lucifer out to be an enemy, by bringing truth and awareness to something dark about our creation and existence. By knowing all, we become god-like and in control of our own destiny. The messenger of truth is shunned, and our own potential was hidden from us so that primordial forces can remain in control for thousands of years. I imagine that now the movements toward enlightenment, spirituality, and even neo-paganism are the result of the return of the consciousness of the Lightbringer, that we have god-like potential yet to be awakened.


And even that is just a stage before the final one.

Yes. Think about what we are capable of now, as well as what we are progressing towards. I would say that our god-like potential is quite far from the top rung of the ladder. There are humans whom are closer than others, but collectively we will eventually achieve a pan-consciousness as we grow closer to the next step in our evolution. We just need to begin to let go of physical attachments and realize that physical reality exists of information, and that nothing is truly tangible in the physical sense. The story of Eden and the fall is just another allegory demonstrating that by being disconnected from God, we were in reality disconnected from our god-selves.

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should on read it out or leave it there after writing