Pluto's negative impact

Pluto has a very negative impact on my life. How can I reduce the influence of this planet on my life? He stands in the fifth house (Sagittarius) according to the natal chart.


:thinking: I want to say use The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Hexagram, but it doesn’t involve Pluto or the other outer planets so not sure how effective it would be…

What I can think about that might work is calling Pluto and restrict it with Saturn energy! Like get Pluto’s sigil infront of you and trace with your fingertips a hexagram and Saturn sigil inside it on the Pluto sigil and vibrate “ARARITA” “IHVH ELOHIM” 3 times.

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I have very poor abilities and I do not know how to go into a trance. Is this suitable for a neophyte like me? Thank you.

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Yes! This is a banishment and you should get to try every banishing method you can and see what works for you. Banishing is essential!

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