Plutos jot journal

Hey! I’m gonna make this just a random jot journal. for me to whatever I please! Wether it be a spell, I did. Or something significant.


I did a really fun cleansing, activity you could say, basically I held a piece of selenite, I’ve been feeling very worn down & seeing more entities, but also in journal I’ve seen and been around a lot of envy so I wanted to get rid of all of it, I did try other methods but they only got so deep, this method made the best sense and it sounded fun, considering I’ve been practicing my visualization! But… I held it, making it glow bright, just a super bright white light and I imagined all of the negative energy sort of being stacked into a bell (inspired by a TV show lol) & after the energy was in the bell, very dark energy and residual from spells.

It felt kinda creepy and the bell started to form cracks, but eventually I calmed down as I was getting to built up with the energy, after releasing, I drove the crystal ALL around my body abd shot it back at the bell, after words, I imagined pulling a string and that triggered the bell causing all the energy to go straight towards a drain leading towards earth and the energy was now fully transformed!!!

I felt so calm, and new! I just needed to get everything out, all my anger and resentment!
Now onto my love spell, or amplifying spell basically I choose to amplify lust out of 3 individuals and sort of combined them into one spell to create a link or bond. The first spell, I did used a store bought candle, similar to the yankee ones but smaller and shorter! And not yankee.
It worked! I saw the first target drive by my place, the 2nd one texted me and the third I saw him outside in my neighborhood, I did a 2nd spell and got the same results! But they started to flirt with me more, and with my 1st target we had gotten into an arguement and fight prior, but when I spoke to him on the phone he was kind and loving and sweet. His behavior changed. After that, I did 2 spells, with super small almost birthday like candles to get a wax reading and it did pretty good, but I needed to work through some past blockages and the spiritual side was gonna take longer, so today, I used the same candles as before, but light them together with a third candle as backup, and i had a much better reading but I could tell one of them was resisting! Overall, I saw the same 3 signs as the first spell, but they’ve all been flirting with me and they’ve been thinking about me Aswell as touching themselves to my voice or sometimes our texts (I felt this intuitively through energy but they later confirmed over text!)

So now, all that’s left is the BIG, block buster candle, to really real them in… but after considering and reviewing things I might just use it as a general attraction candle.
Regardless of what I’ll use it for. I will for sure, add a whole bunch of extra ingredients and really empower the spell through my energy! It’s like a 7 day candle or something so I know this one will work and be really strong and great.
Aside from that, every time I did a spell I noticed more men sort of eyeing me and also touching their crotch, almost as if they got horny and needed to adjust… which I definitely enjoyed.

Also I could have just used one spell… but I choose to do multiple, to increase power, get the wax read etc!

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2nd journal entry, Thursday June 15th!

I did the block buster spell today (am keeping the name hidden for personal purposes) but it worked so well, and it didn’t even burn all the way I had to blow it out unfortunately. But there was a guy that I needed a dm from and he was famous, had music like top tier, busy etc, so the chances are him relying were already low, but he texted me, while the candle was on, what’s even better is so many other guys specifically texted me saying they missed me or they were able to serve me, during the spell, and the relationship I had with the other 2 guys had seemed to strengthened snd they seem a lot less tense around me.

It also helped in general as I notice a lot of guys were a lot softer and exposed more to me in terms of personal things!!

Today was a pretty good day! Really fun! Relaxing and very self reflective! I learned a lot about myself and how to really manage my emotions through tornados of chaos.

I also drew energy from a new candle, to keep the spell strong and reenforce, as before my spells had resistance from the targets, but now it was ensured to have better results! & I draw magic from music & mine and it seems like it really did help! In so many ways, I also experimented as I was really curios.

but there’s this crush I’ve had, and I saw him, so I taught why not use this candle, & I thought about making him horny and in a heat, within a couple seconds, he grabbed his crotch almost rubbing it I saw a bit of relief in his eyes… letting me know that it worked! I was surprised but act cool calm and collected.

June 16th!
I continued to light the candle from yesterday! It was very powerful and I continued to experiment, I did the same thing a s yesterday and focused on a crush of mine that lived close. & he became sweeter and kinder actually waving at me.
Which is huge considering the fact that he doesn’t really do that, like at all (probably because we don’t know eachother that much)
I also want to state that because we live so close we see eachother a lot so.

I also spent 5 minutes charging the candle prior to lighting it and charging it as it burns, which felt
better I think the spell was stronger this time!

As I saw much better results!!!

Other then that, my day was great as it started to rain, which I actually prayed for to happen as I saw the sky get gloomy, I prayed for rain, then like 3 hours later it wasn’t gloomy and clouds rolled in and it’s raining. & it’s helped me stay really happy and calm! I also, lit some bay leaves I made a little over a year ago because I made a pouch and added ingredients, such as crystals, herbs and bay leaves so I decided to burn them and all the herbs since I was no longer gonna use the pouch!

I had also bought a new cauldron(which I used to burn the bay leaves and herbs) so I was excited to use it

February 18, 2024, this is a bit of a past jot, but I made a servitor for beauty and seduction. He is a leader and a great lord and master of seduction!
I texted him out once awhile ago and got my desired result, I tried him out again today, and my goal was to get someone to flirt with me, that was already attracted to me and a couple minutes later they texted me! & got flirty out of no where which isn’t the case as usually we do everything BUT flirt.
My servitor has shown great advances! Now I’m mostly seeking to test the waters again before I decide what else to do.

I’ve also heavily considered of making other servitors. But I am unsure, if I made them I’d like for them to be used by all and to do good in the world. So I’m heavily thinking about that…

Feb 19th 2024.

Well, I’ve realized that I need to find harmony, balance and just sit within my emotions and mind.

But, on the other wise of things,ive been very busy creating servitors which has been so fun! I originally made one, which got great results but i wanted to test myself further and I made many others for other people. Turns out I was doing better than I thought! I was able to call upon archangel Micheal and Gabriel to bless one of the servitors and impower them.
Which was swiftly noted as I was able to interact and visualize and actually see that servitor more then the others I created.

I’ve also started to journal mainly I’ve been focusing on filling up one page a day. I’ve also started to meditate and draw from sources to gain power, I’ve thought about the good I could do for the world apart from manifesting and physical things, but I see now that I’m much more in tune with the astral and spiritual side… I can see clearly and I know clearly now which wasn’t the case before…

Me and my servitor peter have been getting along well… his helped me get noticed a whole bunch of times. I asked him to do me a favor and get someone to fantasize about me, (keep in mind me and this person already had a situationship you could say so I’m not just doing this on a normal person I met yesterday) but, he did just that and I got a flood of messages from the target saying so many sweet and sensual things to me.

I’ve also seen now that I am more powerful then I thought. So I’m doing intense research on servitors, magic etc now that I’ve had this realization the question becomes where and what do I do with my energy. How do I put it to good use?

But that also brings up my mental health, as it hasn’t been good recently shattered quite literally.

But I am determined to put the pieces back together.

Feb 21st 2024.
Today and yesterday were far better days then I thought!

It’s raining currently which I LOVE!!
I am working on my current servitors. Only one had a bit of a problem but I was able to correct it quickly.

I’m planning to rest and later on to do an offering to one of my servitors so that it may grow stronger.

I’ve been experimenting and already Peter brought in a lot of luck for me aswell as more mind control he keeps going above and beyond.

I’ve also picked back up reading, as I went into a slump with my reading habits.

I also feel better now. It seems I fixed my fragmentation although I’m not sure if I fixed all of it but I feel better calmer and less irritated…

I’ve also gotten really good at visualizing my fortress where my servitors reside in. It’s quite a fun thing can’t wait to expand into a legion.

Feb 22 today was another great day with a lot of rest. Peter helped me again as I put him to the test many times on TikTok lives and just in general to get noticied as well as testing his mind control which worked amazing, I had a guy flirting all over with me.

I tested razel for the 2nd day in a row and got invited to coffee today along with yesterday.

Logan X has also helped I’ve been sleeping better, feeling less drained.

I started a habit tracker and I’ve been waking up at 6;30, tomorrow I’m going to give some offerings out along with a empowerment ritual. although I will use less of my energy for the spell and more external energy as I usually get drained if I spend all day doing such heavy work.

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Feb 23th 2024. Today was great, it was mostly resting as I got another day off of work.
I’m creating a new servitor, an all powerful servitor for someone that will bring about untold wealth in so many ways.

I’m also lightly drafting an idea for my 2nd protection servitor as I’ll need wards and smart, fast and strong servitors if I wish to expand into a fortress but also for my own well being.

I don’t plan to rely solely on servitors for protection.

Meanwhile, in the background I’ve been busy studying, reading as I love reading.

Studying I look toward studying as a hobby because I personally enjoy it!

I’ve been studying the art of seduction, along with other topics such as the creation of servitors, and just overall witchyness and witchy topics.

I am happy with my decision to close my free servitors post as I do not wish to create more for others, not because of greed or malice but rather to expand my own forces.

If my own forces are well built and plenty then in a sense I can give out more and help more people
May it take longer yes?

& I could just create servitors ontop of servitors. But to me I rather not do that. With the 3 main ones I have I need to make sure I train them and provide a useful and efficient skills, task set etc.
& that must be done for all other beings I create.


Feb 24th 2024.

Great news I have formed a foundation for my little legion, and created a small base. Is small and doesn’t have much. But I’ve created homes for each servitor and a first defense, I’m planning to make 3 total visible defenses before I create more intensive and invisible defenses along with tools for protection.

As I expand my legion the size of the land will continue to grow.

Today has been good. I’ve kept up with my protection spell, awhile I bought a rain scented candle which I love dearly and I transformed it into a massive protection spell I added some egg shells, herbs, and some other things.

It has served me greatly.
I’ve needed it especially as lightning it has lifted a great weight off of my shoulders.
It’s a protection candle but it also CLEANSES.
It removes debris and any mental fatigue or fog is… simply… VANISHED with the use of such candle.


Feb 25th 2024:
Great news. I have tested out a new protection spell which has done great wonders for me.
I have also offered it to some friends as I wish to test it out and soon I will reveal the spells to the world.
They are rather simple only using a candle and four main ingredients I plan to test more spells such a love spells and wealth spells.

I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge but I need to put it to the test and do some trial and error.
It all comes with time


Feb 27th 2024.
Today was very fun. One of my non public seevitor did wonders for me today, I got taken out to eat and granted a couple hundred dollars.
I tested him out and turns out I was right he is no short of a creator that creates MASS wealth.

Not only have I had a massive success with one of my servitors, but Razel also helped me out giving me luxury dates and invites to restaurants.

But most importantly I’ve created to SCE servitor creation engines, one I may release for public use but I’m undecided and the 2nd one well let’s just say… it has a small… taste of power from two very powerful gods Zeus and cernunnos! So I plan to test out Both.

Although right now I’m going to charge EACH SCE! For about 4 days once I finish that I’ll officially begin creating my legion and maybe more….

Why just 4 days?

Well the sources I’ll be using will allow the SCEs to feed in far greater amounts but each source will also be stronger then the last.

Feb 28th. I’ve created all of my primary servitors. I’ve started to work on the models for my legions, so far I have two legion ideas. That haven’t been created as I’m drafting them out.

My first legion will focus on protection and defense
My 2nd legion focuses on all things love and mind control.
I’m planning to have atleast 6 or 8 legions, but for now I just do a test run with my first legion and then adjust and revise so that my future legions may be better.

My SCE has created the remaining servitors and has done great so far. The engine as it creates the primary servitors. I’m not gonna create the legions untill the SCE is fully charged but I did decide to make my primary servitors because I’ll need them and keep them personally to myself

Feb 29th 24.

Today I spent some time feeding one of my servitors Markel. I meditated for a couple ish minutes around 10 or so, and I was able to for a short time check in on my servitor xavier.

I saw him drawing from his feeding given sources.
Overall Xavier has been a success.

Now, all that I do is wait for my SCE to be fully
Finished and Markel should also be fully finished by midnight, technically he’s created and alive but I spent some extra time charging him and so far he’s brought me great results, I got an extra payment from my job of 60$ along with free dinner thru a friend of about 48$ so that’s a total of 100$