Pluto’s grand journal of knowledge

Here is my own journal! I thought why not create one since I have like 5 other grimoires but, I feel like starting a journal here could be helpful for me to borrow down some of the most important info.
I have no exact idea what I’m gonna journal down BUT, I have an idea of sigils, mojo bags, oils & I may document dreams & more stuff soon.
(This is like an introduction so that’s why I don’t have any witchy stuff.)


May I suggest topics like servitor creation, money magick, and sex/lust magick? Please add your expertise to the wealth of information already here.



In my experience once you started the stuff you’ll wanna write about just comes on its own :slight_smile:


I have one where I just Jot my random stupid thoughts down regarding witchcraft😂so I’d say as time comes you’ll know what you want to document. New discoveries maybe is a good idea. Any new discoveries or messages from spirits even. Have fun with it.

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1st post:

  1. Money spell jar: I love spell jars so why not?
    Add bay leafs (these are often used to manifest so write the amount you wish & or your intentions onto the bay leaf)
    Aventurine (this stone is a stone of luck. Therefore increasing your luck in money etc)
    Coins (they symbolize money.)
    Cinnamon (for quickness and faster results.)
    Citrine ( citrine is said to promote wealth & prosperity.)
    Catnip. (Catnip is a great attractor of money.
    (Also wanna say these ingredients do have OTHER benefits & uses but they were not included because this is a MONEY spell jar only.)
    Also if you wish then you can add my money powder recipe!
  2. Money Powder:
    2 parts cinnamon
    2 parts cedar (cedar is said to attract wealth)
    2 parts allspice (allspice is great to bring in money & luck.)
    1 part ginger & pine. ( ginger is said to speed things up just like cinnamon, pine is great for wisdom & prosperity
    Basil ( Basil is often associated with wealth and prosperity. It is associated with Lakshmi, a Goddess of good fortune)

2nd entry of PGJK (Pluto’s grand journal of knowledge)

Random Mixture WITCHY tips!
Plant rosemary or pink roses on your front door to attract love, this can be almost any type of love, just specify your intent. You can use red for lust and passion if your into color magic.

Add clove, a small rose quartz and cinnamon into a mojo bag! For domination, love & cinnamon for lust it’s a great trio!

Draw the infinity symbol onto a dollar bill, the infinity symbol represents an infinite amount of money and bringing back all the money that you spend. The cinnamon is used to speed up the attraction or process of receiving the money.

Also, this can come in different ways, for example instead of you receiving 20$, maybe a friend or someone invites you for coffee or pays for your meal & that was 20$, you just saved yourself 20$ even if you didn’t receive it.

Add ginger root to your spells, it is said in folklore to be used to empower spells or you power over a situation or person.

Do you burn a lot of incense?
Then use the ashes to make black salt!

If you’re a sea witch or just have extra seashells laying around you can use them as shields of wards! Just like a rock! (If you’re going to use it as a ward, I’d recommend to add another layer, usually when I think of a ward it’s multi layers of protection.)

Brick dust is good for protection spells!


since I am a lover of the rain, a simple prayer or manifestation of rain is simple enough to summon rain, but for beginners or really anyone here are a couple chants that you may use to summon rain!

rain, rain, condensation
rain, rain, precipitation
rain please come today we dont wanna run today!
rain, rain, condensation
rain, rain, precipitation

venire ventus = summon wind (this works amazingly it can some wind swiftly and powerfully too.
veni ad me pluvia = summon rain.

crystals for sex magic!!
lets start off with crocoite, this crystal is called the libido booster and a firestarter, it is a PRIMIAL raw, passionate sexual stone. it is the same color as your sacral chakra, it is also found in tasmania which has the cleanest air and rainwater it is also a producer of the HOTTEST crystals.
this crystal can revive your libido
it can bring new life to relationships
it can also increase sensitivity in sexual organs
it can also balance female and male reproductive issues.
is powerful for sexual healing, it can heal deep rooted trauma builds self love and aids in the prevention of projecting to your partner and vice vera.

garnet is best to harness sexual power.
it can help rev up sexual drive
boost fertility

lets talk about… techniques for sex magic (for beginners or just newcomers who want to get into sex magic)
obviously, this is just visualizing as you have an orgasm with intent, power and to me a sense of gratitude, relief and a burst or blast of energy.

charging sex toys under a moon!
you can always charge sex toys, or crystals under the moon for a more potent effect.

color magic.
this is self-explanatory I think, use colors associated with sex, lust, etc. but keep in mind if you want a very specific vision then you may also want to consider the shade and hue of whatever it is your using whether it be a candle, herb or crystal.

this can be done in many ways carving a sigil into a candle, or you could do this thru a sigil made on a phone and or device, or even a paper. if you’re going the candle route once you are ready to charge said candle, light it and focus on the sigil as you climax and or pleasure yourself.

then there’s always a more in depth ritualistic things you could do, such as invoking beings, or servitors to aid you, or to give your sexual energy as an offering, along with invoking planets, symbols, many elements and steps!
be mindful whenever you do any sexual exchange whether it be with a partner, or a servitor or anything.

Here’s another post…
This time on KNOT MAGIC! Yes it is basic, but I think it’s important we cover the basics and foundations first before more advanced stuff comes into play.

It is said that sailors of old tied the wind into knots, why? Well if they were to become becalmed at sea then they can open the knots they’d tied in the ropes and release the wind.
Think of it as a container for energy you could also think of it as a sponge if you prefer the knots will keep energy until you are ready to use it and or release it.

-use different colors to add color magic
-using essential oils can also be powerful (especially if you plan to do something related to seduction wether that be thru a spell or something with a partner such as rubbing oils on them etc)

  • you can add beads and charms onto a knot. (You may think of it as a complex piece of work with each bead and charm being something complex with power of its own that is strong or just something simple)

Knot spell:
Take a cord, or you can braid three cords together and add essential oil if you want too.

  1. Focus on your goal or desire, then tie the knots at a perfect time if possible.

  2. next time some more knots

  3. just place them somewhere safe.

  4. then untie the knots when needed OR, tie it around a candle, or burn it in a cauldron with herbs.

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Here’s something I channeled thru a servitor of mine:
Use a rope to tie a crystal and or a string, but my servitor is focused on love spells etc, so I’m gonna use rose quartz as an example but feel free to do this with any other crystal.

Hang the rose quartz above your altar,workspace and or spell. As you do this it’ll empower your love, lust,sex spell, or if you’re using another crystal it’ll do the same for that intention of your choice.”

Now just visualize drawing energy from it, I’d recommend a RAW piece of rose quartz, as doing this ritual will draw IMMENSE power from the crystal and rope/string:
If you can’t directly hang it ontop of your workspace or spells then simple tie the rope and or string around your crystal and place it next to your spell.

The rope or string serve as a conduit for raw power therefore empowering the crystal to do its job.

In this case rose quartz and if doing a love spell then you can be assured that this spell will be intensified.

I have also created a powerful seal, channeling four of my servitors and 4 archangels, orpaniel, gavriel, Michael and Gabriel.
You must use this as you please this is a UNIVERSAL seal meant to be used for any desire, think of it as a source to draw from rather then a sigil, this seaso is meant to be used as a pool or energy source for magic, and or servitors.

It also includes the powerful energy of Pluto and Saturn. Which are both very dark and strong energies.
The only thing that I ask is that you be careful and have strict and strong intentions as this seal can be overwhelming for some.
I have spilt it up into shapes by the chronological order, circle, downright triangle, upright triangle, a smaller upright triangle and a slanted triangle pointing left, and a thunder bolt. Lastly the two planets.

Feel free to use it for anything: my personal recs: are to use it to power wards,spellwork, use it as a good source for servitors, if you wish you can use it to empower items and objects and feed them with power.

It can also be used as a seal of control and or mind control, used to control beings, people, places energies etc.

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