Pls everyone who knows should teach me

Pls who can teach me how to use 6th and 7th books of Moses correctly I so much like to know

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The book itself can teach you correctly.


Yes, but each time I opened It ,I wouldn’t know how to start

You need to be more specific so that people can help you out.

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That’s actually.
Am specifically talking on how to conjure angels using that books

Using 6th and 7th book of Moses

Yes using 6th and 7th books of moses

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IF you really want to conjure angels, I would suggest you to get some modern books as those books does not include practical ways to conjure angels, other members can help you.

72 Angels of Magick by Gallery of Magick can help.

You can also try Pathworking of Raziel by Jareth Tempest, if you can contact Raziel, Raziel can help you to contact with any angel you want.

Jareth has a free meditation guide on Youtube. Check that out.


Alright, I appreciate

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Aside that , is there any direction I can get from you on how to conjure mephistophilia

I have no idea.
WHO is he?

Is one of the deities in the books of moses

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Taking a brief glance at the grimoire, I think i have an idea of something that might help. Keep in mind that this is not written in the text and this would be a guess on my end that I am drawing from experience outside of this system. Draw out the seal you are interested in and tape to a wall that has a table under it. Light a candle on the table somewhere that is in front of the seal but will not cause a fire. In front of that candle, have a fire proof container you can burn resin incense in.

Sit in front of this make shift altar, perhaps wearing something with a hood over your head to narrow your vision. Take a few deep breathes as you gaze at the seal through the smoke and fire before speaking the incantation within the text. From there, you can chant the spirits name to help slip you into trance and call the spirit forth.

I would recommend using some form of protection such as a barrier or something within the system itself as you are working with a new spirit that you do not know how you will react to.


Thats a great idea, im embarrassed I never thought about it.

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Don’t be embarassed, it is just something i have found helpful through experimenting.


That seems like it will be super useful, my eyes are always drifting from my focus to my peripheries.

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Give it a try and let us know :slight_smile: my next experiment will be both wearing ear plugs, binding my body, and a blindfold to evoke Dumah, but that will be after i am done with the two pathworkings I am on now. Since Dumah represents the silence and stillness of death, I am wondering how putting my body in a similiar state will influence the evocation. Basically taking the idea of limiting a sense for focus to an extreme

But I am derailing at this point.


Just a thought, but have you ever tried Austin Osman Spare’s “Death Posture?” :thinking:


no I have not but I will look into it.


Have any of you tried… The ring…of fire!! :fire: