Pls everyone Help me, I am sick, I need someone help evoke arch rapheal

Pls I’m very sick, i want someone to pls help me evoke arch Angel rapheal,. I can’t do it my self, I am tears as I’m writing this, my health is really not good

Pls help me

Your very much so capable of doing this yourself. You saying you can’t will just fuck you up in the long run. We aren’t here to grant you your every request. Especially to people who just joined thirty-two minutes ago.

We are here to learn and grow stronger, and I’m more than certain that there is material on this site that you can use to help yourself, rather than beg for someone else to help you.

Im sorry If I sound like a douche (I’m the complete opposite😋) btw not sure if you have made an introduction or not, but I advise that you do. It’s a rule of this forum.

I really understand you, not that I’m lazy, it just that I’m very weak now, am lying down on my bed, I’m too sick to do it. If you can pls help

Try this!


What are you sick with? I’ll help.

It a very serious illness, a parasite in my body… I have tried all method to get it out, but I can, I think it only angels can do this , that why I want someone to help evoking.

This parasite got to at my home spiritually,
I am very weak now, I can’t write much. I need urgent help.
What do you want me to provide for you to help me

I’ll PM you

Welcome to the forum @Elidaxziel. Please properly introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Ok I will

I would help you if I could because I know exactly how it feels to be sick and not being able to do what is needed, unfortunately, I am not able to do evocations but I know that Marbas, Bael and Lucifer are great healers and can most definitively help you with your problem. Hope this helps, by the way, I got healing from Raphael once and it was effective but the problem returned I am feeling a lot healthier and better with the help of demons maybe you should consider that.

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