Plexiglass scrying

I was sitting in the breakroom at work and noticed something that may be beneficial to newbies.

We have these plexiglass dividers on the tables for personal protection during recent events and while I was looking at my reflection (fixing my hair, etc) i noticed it was extremely easy to use scrying eyes on these.

It might be useful to set up a similar type of thing to get familiar with the sensation of “looking through/beyond” your scrying mirror.

I dis not have the time or privacy to see if these are effective for actually scrying but thought i might share the idea. Thoughts?


I think any reflective surface can be used as a scrying surface.


Thats what i figured but seeing as some swear by obsidian or silver nitrate backed glass i didnt want to assume and make a fool of myself

Once you develop scrying eyes, you can scry into pretty much anything.

In one of his books, the author Konstantinos mentions idly scrying into a glass of Coke while sitting in a restaurant, and a bucket of motor oil when he was bored.

The surface doesn’t necessarily need to be reflective either. Anything with a pattern can be scried as well.

Some common every day surfaces that have been used by magicians include, but are not limited to:

rug patterns
cell phones
laptop screens
televisions (both a blank screen, and static)
leaves on trees

Those are traditional tools, and can be very effective, but they tend to be consecrated to only allow certain forces to come through, whereas when you scry into an every day surface, there’s no telling what you might see.


Then logically the phenomena where people see faces in textured wall while sober or on entheogenic substances could very well be scrying without knowing it, their senses may just not be open enough to actually communicate properly. Interesting. I dont have much experience scrying outside of basic mirrors and my black phone/laptop screen so scrying into the non-reflective stuff sounds like an exciting new venture

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Not quite. That is generally the human brain’s penchant for pattern recognition. It’s naturally wired to see and recognize familiar shapes, like faces, It doesn’t require scrying vision.


If you mean Kostantino’s mention of scrying into a glass of Coke, then no, I don’t remember which book exactly, but it was probably either the Nocturnicon or Gothic Grimoire. It was a long, long time ago when I read them though.

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So then where does one end and the other begin? Does the brain use this pattern recognition as any kind of basis for establishing the connection? Like, the brain identifies the familiar shape and then the entity or vision is scryed into that, or are they completely separate from each other?

I would say the difference lies in the depth of what is seen. With scrying vision, you sink into the pattern of what you are gazing at and enter an altered state of consciousness, whereas with simple pattern recognition you don’t. Your brain can easily see Jesus in a piece of burned toast in its normal beta state, for example, but if you were scrying, the pattern on the toast would open up and you would see much more than simply an image.

I guess you could look at it as similar to structuring, where you project a form for the spirit to inhabit within the manifestation base.

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That makes sense, thank you for sharing

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