Pleb-tier Invocation of Archangel Raphael for Healing

It’s so simple, even a normie could do it. Meant to help speed healing of moderate injuries, I wrote it up in about two minutes for a normie friend who is curious about the occult.

Things you need:

A tealight candle
A picture of yourself from before your injury
An open mind


In a space that is sacred to yourself, set up the candle on top of the picture of yourself. Get into a light meditative state, light the candle, then call out:

“I call to thee, Archangel Raphael, the healer of the injured! Come to me and hear my plea! I call to thee seeking thy aid in healing me to previous health, with expedience and mercy! Mend my flesh, knit my bone, make me as I once was, whole! So I will it by my divine right as an aspect of the all! So mote it be!”

Leave the candle to burn out, go watch a movie or something so you don’t think about the working you just did. Later collect the candle and picture, and dispose of it outside of your home.


Just so there is now a reply and being an exfirefighter .

Please if letting a candle burn out use some common sense. It only takes a couple of minutes for a small flame or spark to catch an entire house on fire.


Naturally. Any time you’re using candles, you should be safe about it.

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Never hurts to remind people about being safe.