Please Read Remember Who You Truly Are

Realisation Of Your Godhood.

Now through out my path power is something I craved, the hunger I had for it was indescribable. I did countless empowerment’s upon myself, taking power from the gods themselves, harnessing demonic legions upon legions ingesting them literally eating them.

Taking control of the lake of fire, harnessing power from darkness eternal, infernal forces, drawing power from the elements, my ancestors etc. I did everything possibly thought of and no matter how much I gained I was still wanting more and more. One night I was woken up by nothing, but well I thought it was nothing.

I felt a great urge to meditate, so I did I entered the theta gamma sync, passed through the rapture into the crossroad state. From inside of me I heard a voice, no introduction at all, just popped into my head.

This voice spoke on the subject of true power, that true empowerment is through meditating on a realisation. I didn’t understand at all, so this voice took me through a journey and gave me a lesson.

I saw my body, the voice asked me

“ Do you have any idea what your physical self is composed of, the temple of flesh is comprised of various elements which hold unique power and energy “.

I saw the elements inside the body, like iron, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, sulphur even traces of various other elements.

The voice spoke again

“ Amazing isn’t it that something which seems so simple at first glance is really complicated, the temple of flesh is incredible, you humans believe you know all its secrets but you do not “.

I was then shown a river of blood, faces of families and different races flew through this red alive liquid.

The voice spoke once again

“ Your even the physical body holds the power of those who came before you, you hold their essence within you “.

I then saw a white liquid shining brightly
The voice spoke once again.

“ This is one of the two powerful nexus’s of the body, this is the nexus of the male, your semen, the amount of data, the potential, holding the power of life and creation, literally holding souls within it, the female body have its own nexus too which is as amazing as the males “.

A silence was lingering for a while as of waiting for me to catch the point the voice returned again.

I then saw a stream of DNA, in the shape of a double helix one was shining with light, the other was completely black.

“ See just this physical body itself is so powerful and yet it still holds more potential a lot more, this move on to the other temples of self “.

I then saw the subtle bodies all sitting meditating in a circle, the voice spoke once again.

“ These are your various bodies which actually, operate and walk all the worlds beyond this one, you just ain’t conscious of what they do. When you walk upon the physical realm, your other bodies walk in theirs too “.

The bodies began to glow radiating their own frequencies, I began seeing other bodies which I haven’t seen before with unique sounds, colours and different forms, the voices spoke again.

“ The spiritual bodies are more vast than you mortals understand you’ve come to understand greatly yes, but there is more to be explored you’ll never truly understand your spiritual vitality “.

I saw all the bodies merge and become one point, various chakras and minor energy disks flew into the singularity.

This then shrunk and I saw it shine brightly, beside it was a huge source of all, the source of all that exists. In the source was a small crack, the voice said

“ Just watch “.

Then I saw the singularity, fill in the small crack in the source of al existence and it was now complete.

The voice then spoke again

“ You are the microcosmic singularity which holds the dormant potential of the macrocosm which is all and nothing at the same time “.

I felt a huge shiver down my spine, with a unusual power. The voice spoke again and stated

“ See you are more than a god, you are all, for all worlds, existence and beings exist within “.

I saw a template of a spiritual body, inside the body were stars, galaxies, as well as spiritual realities.

The voice spoke again

“ You see you are all, we are all, the human being is the forever expanding infinite force simply condensed into a physical body, you mortals lost the ability to use the power for you couldn’t recall your true nature. You are the unmovable and the unstoppable force, nothing is impossible, even your mere observation controls all existence, affect what is internal and you affect the external.
The art of alchemy what is it ?. There isn’t one answer, one type of alchemy is taking the material lead, which is also found within the human body. The goal is to change the lead to gold representing the basic self becoming greater “.

“ There is also another alchemy, which is the transmutation of the divine spiritual particle becoming physical matter. These are goals which can be obtained, but remember you already have all the power and resources needed within you “.

I then felt a critical mass building within me, pushing against my skin almost as if there were billions of atomic sized suns in my body about to explode.

This was the power of the eternal, literal omnipotence, my inner god inside his black chambers rumbled.

Simply from meditating on the realisation of what I truly am, delivered and rouse is my power through me.

My consciousness expanded I became all that is, then I became nothing, no sound, no form, I was all and nothing simultaneously.

Once I awoke from that state, I spoke with true power

“ I am thee all, I am god “

I then went outside looked down a empty road while in a trance state and saw armies, legions and hordes of spirits and entities from various worlds and lores looking at me.

The voice spoke for a final time

“ You see, your creation have come to greet their creator, nothing is impossible for you, god is reborn “.

I stood there feeling something which was indescribable, focusing and shifting my consciousness to my true nature allowed me to access all of this. This isn’t because I am the chosen one, well I am the chosen one but so are you, the reader all of us are.

We are all, we are eternal, we are God and even more.


Connor Kendall.




Thank you, that was amazing !

Why humans love to say that to themselves ? :slightly_smiling_face:

From the crazy ones in mental hospitals, to new agers and tree huggers, spiritual gurus, to some occultists. It’s just weird… How many people in all history in love with this mantra !

For me it’s a feel-good brainwashing affirmation that satisfies our ego. Show me what you can do, and that reveals who you truly are. Reality is the judge, not the alternative reality or spiritual reality, THIS physical material reality we live in now.

Maybe I’m too ignorant to think that way, but that’s how my brain works, fortunately or unfortunately! There is no separation in existence. If what you’re chanting to yourself is true, there must be a reflection of it, a mirror image of it, in this physical material level of existence. If not, then it’s pure fantasy and hallucinations. :man_shrugging:


We all work differently brother. Some people need those experiences, some people don’t. We’re all different and multifaceted as the different branches of magic that we all follow, or create.


I agree if this omnipotence isn’t geared towards changing your reality then what’s the point right.

That’s why I’m glad I keep a journal of all my goals and all the ones i’ve manifested.

Stuff like Manifesting literal objects, manipulating human beings to do things they’d never do, literally seeing future events in diviantion and then see them unfold as I saw them in a vision.
To healing broken knuckles at superb speeds, to being able to command literal legions to bring me what I desire.

Going from homeless to having a home and a family, when you take the life of another person and more etc.

This isn’t me bragging as I’m not trying to be egotistical merely showing that this isn’t fantasy and indeed this power as you said needs to be actual used or otherwise it’s just fantasy.

As I believe our power becomes stagnant if it isn’t used and exorcised in this physical world, for this is our testing ground, so we either create amazing things or blow shit up either way we cause change.


Haven’t hit that point…yet…but it is fast approaching.

I feel it within me, my power inside is ready to burst. I’m about to take a walk in the desert and have a talk with the spirits.


Please don’t stop bragging! People need to understand the other side of all of that, the material-physical manifestation of wonderful philosophies and occult concepts that 99% of people talk about all the time, without showing or teaching the other half of the coin, the side that makes all that “real” and meaningful.

That side is almost always missing. Turning knowledge to philosophy, and real spiritual power to spiritual masturbation !

Glad you could make that point clear and I hope everyone else do the same when they start talking about any and all spiritual teachings. Not bragging or proving anything to anyone, but to complete the circle and provide full understanding. In my opinion, only that could show the real value of this knowledge.

Thanks :slight_smile: