Please need the Sigils of these Grigori Angels

Please blessed Be’s I need someone to assist me with the sigils of these grigori angels: satariel, turel, zakiel and kochaviel
I’ve searched google but couldn’t find them and don’t know how to create their as I’m equally a newbie.
Thanks for assistance

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If you can’t find 'em, make 'em.


Evoke Azazel and ask him. Alternatively there’s numerous charts you can use that should come up in google to create a sigil for any spirit.


Thanks darkestknight but it’s a bit difficult for me because I’m only on a self training journey at the moment wish I have someone to mentor on these art.
That’s why I’m looking for already made sigils once again thanks for taking your time to follow up with me

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The angels you listed may not have any sigils. That’s why I linked you to the Rose Cross.

We are all on a self training journey here. You still have to put in the work, which means making your own sigils for spirits, and imparting your own energy to them. No one is going to just hand over personal sigils.


I’ll help.

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Will appreciate that honestly

Sayotel or Satariel? Sayotel is an angel of the sign of Leo, and I believe Satariel is associated with Jupiter. Turel, of Tiriel? I’ve not heard of the latter two.
What’s the purpose, if you don’t mind my asking?

: satariel, turel, zakiel and kochaviel

Satariel -
Tiriel - Intelligence of Mercury, similar in appearance to Raphael.
Tzadkiel - Archangel of Jupiter
Kochaviel - not sure on this one.

Per Aiq Beker, gematric value 235.
Sigil per Aiq Beker method:

Tiriel: gematric value 260, sigil per Aik Beker method:

The fourth one, not sure.


These angels are part of the fallen angels mentioned in book of Enoch, I found them in Baal kadmon book titled the watchers and their ways.
Though the book didn’t contain any sigil but I feel that I need their sigils for their evocations

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Can you please verify the spelling of those four angels?

Might Kochaviel be Kokabiel perhaps?

those were the names I found in the book except there were typographical errors, but when I google the fallen angels I still found those names, let me check the link once again and post it to you

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Try the sigils I provided. They are from an alternate method called Aiq Beker, or “Qabalah of Nine Chambers”.


OK you can check this link below

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I saw the names of the angels you provided they are different from those angels

Don’t known then.

Thanks bro. You’re awesome and wishes you all the best that this life can offer.

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