Please help!


I just had a horrible yet amazing? Experience in my life???
I was laying in bed trying to sleep I think it was around three am when suddenly my hands were over my head and tied togeher (crossed with a force). There was this noise and I kept seeing a picture of a lady in black and white who had like sort of curly I imagine blonde hair. Basically I was fucking paralysed. Idgaf if I pronounced that wrong I just got myself together a minute ago and its 5:40 am and I have no fucking clue what to do. My body was paralaysed and I tried to fight it and I remember I was told that some captain or whatever lived n the same spot where my house is and that I am somehow linked to him??? Something Poland??? I have no fucking clue lmao but my heart is racing afff. There was even a map and I could read what it said on it but I forgot and I kept saying (in my head)words in latin such as “protego” (idfk i think it means protection) then i said “ego purus (i am okay?)” Then since it didn’t really work and I honestly thought I was going to die I called Lucifer for help and chanted in my head his enn becaUSE I COULDN’T TALK!!! I wanted to scream but my voice was cut and I could only let out some squeaky noises so that was my only choice. Anyways after that it stopped; I slowly got the power to get out of it and boom here I am. Throughout the whole thing O kept hearing those horror noises and I think whispering and I am pretty sure at one point it said “Ha! You can’t speak!”. Honestly I am not as scared as I thought I would be even throughout it. I did pay some attention to it and stuff but still I kept my eyes shut for most of the time hahahahah. ANYHOW CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT. The only thing that happened to me before that was like that was when I was paralysed after I woke up or about to get paralysed in my dreams and stufd. Please help me cause this is hella serious.
Also for the past few days I kept seeing sync numbers and the pressure on my third eye and stuff just adding in case it’s important? Also my dog didn’t feel any presence whatsoever.


I can’t tell what kind of spirit is it, but probably a dead person trying to tell you something. Communicate with it… get in deep TGS and listen, you may hear words or see visions. If you like what you hear then you can have a relationship with that spirit. If you get any aggressive reaction then banish.


Yeah, it’s related.



Oofff a spirit huh well that’s nice hahaha. I’ve seen two spirits in my life and I am incredibly terrified of them::)) i guess now it’s time to face my fears and get to know this spirit:D thank youuuu


How exactly and thank u for the answer:)


Just couple of hours ago I lived an experience close to you so I wont create an another topic but write it here.I dont know if I was sleeping (If I was,it was the most lucid dream I have ever had) or awake but I was still on my bed,then something started to play with my hair,I told myself maybe it is a succubus or something,let her do what she does,then I reailzed it was not just playing with my head but trying to tell me something.So I started to give more attention.It wrote my skull my name ! Well,not my physical but on my astral body.It didn’t wrote afterwards though,sadly.But it is 2 huge milestones for me still.I will try to contact it,will see what it got for me.


Woah that’s very interesting! Good luck on trying to contact it!


Sounds to me like an astral experience and the Third Eye is integral in that. Massage your Third Eye with a little heat creme/gel. Massage it widdershins. Please report results.



Thank you!!