Please help with possible accidental magick!

Today was one of the most brutal days in my life.I’ve got some problems with my gf and I was thinking in a scenario when she will forget about it and come to me.I imagined if a member of my familly has died(for example I’ve imagined my father have an accident by his car and died).today after coming back home my brothers had told me that my father acctually is in the hospital and the car is totally messed up .It was me for sure.what should I do?I feel regret and I think it is the first time I harm someone using magick


Call Raphael to help your father heal. You can use the search function to find his sigil.


No offense but my father will be ok.
What if I harm other loved one accidentally?I feel that it was supposed that my father should die but he didn’t.I have a feeling it is a warning of using such forbidden power on people


Are you sure that you didn’t just receive information about it happening psychicaly somewhere in the background and it worked it’s way into your conscious thoughts?


I don’t know the exact time when the accident happened.if it was before my practice then it is more likely to be a prophecy.I f it was after,then I’m afraid I was responsible

Absolutely no

I wish if I did

Then the only thing that I can think to say is that when thoughts of people you care about coming to harm come into your mind then stop for a second and think " I reject this possibility" intently.


If any negative thought comes to you, pause for a moment and then mentally say that you reject that thought. I also had some experiences like yours and started doing this rejection thing. Funny thing I started to notice before any bad thing happenes I will have a thought about it happening and later I started a habit of mentally rejecting those kind of thoughts and now I experience relatively less bad luck/unlucky things.