Please Help Me

I am looking for men’s opinions on what they like on women.

I have already asked in real life and researched this topic but looking for magical feedback.

I am in the mist tossing out almost everything I own and restarting over.

From what i gather men like pink over red from lips to underwear.

I honestly don’t even know where to start.

From makeup to the level of a woman’s voice when speaking.

What gum do guys like to smell or mint for kissing? Peppermint is used for (Magickal uses: cleansing, consecration, dreams, happiness, healing, love, money, passion, prosperity, protection, psychic development).

What is charming to you about a woman? Jokes? Random information?

Do guys like jokes from women?

My game sucks. I have only gathered bits of information from over hearing guys speak.

What turns you on first? Or the most?

I am looking for the right things to buy to include into my energy workings.

I can use my aura but i want to take it further. Having the right look is a must.

Carrying on conversation. Topics.

I am just lost…

Bra or no bra?



  1. Yes Smile and Innocence is first thing man loves about any women and obviously looks but not every man want a 10 girl ppl Are fine wit Girls who are 7, 6,5 yes we like jokes but most em sucks ass haha, Try to carry on every conversation don’t be pushy or irritating know when u should stop ,try to watch Some anime, or movie wit him That’ll form Solid bond
    And Ye be confident Don’t sweat… U could also ask sitri or asmodeus to give u an aura of lust…
    Goodluck :wave:
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So here’s the thing…Its important not to project womens pickiness onto men. When it comes to dating/sex…women are the ones who look for reasons to say no, while men, we look for reasons to say yes. The difference between things like red vs pink underwear or the smell of your gum is negligible for guys. We don’t really care that much. What we do care about though is how co-operative you are, how nurturing you are, your willingness to allow us to lead and take charge, your loyalty, etc. These things will always matter more than whether or not you wear a bra. Lookswise, I’d say learn the art of makeup. What some women are able to do with that stuff is witchcraft in of itself.

In terms of the conversations, really the first thing to do is learn how to listen. Be engaging with the guy, and try to actually care about what he’s saying. This will probably put you ahead of a lot of women frankly. Jokes are fine but I should note that jokes tend to be funnier when they’re a bit self deprecating, but not overly so. I find that women tend to have much less ability to do this in comparison to men…and I think its because humor is a well practiced skill among men and we often need it to attract women…but the reverse isn’t really true for women, so i don’t often find women who are consistently funny like that…so I wouldn’t worry about that too much.


Those depend on who you’re asking. Everybody has different interests and you can’t think every person will like the same color or have the same fetishes. I could like pink and the next person could like purple. Thinking everyone is identical will lead to serious disappointment. Catering to somebody’s interests 24/7 and doing what they want instead of what you want can lead to more than disappointment.

Since you posted this on BALG, I can maybe offer magick advice? Glamour magick? Work with a deity to get you laid or a boyfriend?

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Glamour magick to make your own traits stand out! Or make any you don’t like so much “invisible”. I would say not to change the way you are but anything you do currently like to stand out.

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Depends on your target… but some things will be universal.

Personally I like the scent of health on a woman best. Eat a clean diet, maybe focus on liver health (the liver improves EVERYTHING about you! And will make your eyes POP, too), and you’ll be naturally scrumptious.

Maybe add some more beans to your diet. They clean the liver and are a known blue zone food. (I.e., people who live to be over 100 tend to eat lots of beans). As beans are bile binding foods, they take out accumulated wastes, so your own, natural beautiful smell won’t have as much competition.

Failing that, I personally like Hypnotic Poison and Flowerbomb (and some of it’s variants). But we’re men — we also love the scent of Suave hair conditioner. We’re not super picky! Lol

Please keep in mind that woman have two X chromosomes, and men have an X and Y. X have more genes. In other words, women have more genes. Women are literally more advanced in some ways, especially sense wise (which is why women are more sensual).

Think about it like this: You see in 12 bit Dolby HDR. We don’t. Women live a more sensual, more detailed life. Men don’t experience life even remotely the same as most women, except when we’re on psychedelics. That’s why men have much simpler needs. We literally don’t experience as much as you do moment to moment.

I LOVE funny women, but some men won’t want to share this space with you. Some men find funny women intimidating. So this is one that won’t be universal.

Women don’t need “game”. Mostly you need to be attractive, warm, lovely, nurturing, fun… be a great woman, really embrace femininity, and men will pawn over you.

Yes, pink is usually more attractive than red. Think of the color of your lady bits and match it as closely as you can.

Try “42 Angels of Magick” by Damon Brand and “Angels of Fortune” by Rose Manning for some self-upgrade magick.

Oh, and everything by Zanna Blaise. She’s a woman. She knows what you need!

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Try this for magick. Zanna Blaise is underrated. Lovely author. She also makes some incredible music you can find on most services.

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I don’t really know, i never had a fixed prototype of woman, i just feel hyper-attracted by some.
It tends to happen casually i also prefer it, i’m strange, i feel uncomfortable around mundane things like dates or online interactions, it feels too stiff and mechanical to me, and i’m also shy so…

By the way i tend to be attracted by bratty gf, i think i might have some “savior/mommy complex”.
I like more redheads but also blondies, i also prefer light eyes.
I like introverted girls or girls that acts strong but are soft inside(like me).
I like curvy and low tone of voice.
I also have an ambivalent feeling about promiscuity… i really dislike it because i associate higher promiscuity with higher possibility of infidelty, but at the same time i’m turned on by the savior complex which makes me think “maybe she just need love and will change behaviour for me”.

Perhaps, my last crush was flat, dark hair and dark eyes ahahahah, so…


So you are trying find about Men Psychology

So i will give you complete information :white_check_mark:

For us guys, it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s the explanation.

Men Attracted to women ,
when men see specific physical qualities in a woman like body and facial symmetry, breast
size and shape, and waist-to-hip ratio for example.

This is a all about men proven psychology :white_check_mark:


Not a dude but a woman that made one peculiar observation with date-willing men throughout her years:

Let yourself help generously by men. Let them explain things to you (even if you know stuff about the topic). Several times, because you don’t understand it right away. Make the impression that you are in need of assistance, even for basic things. Act incompetent. Act clumsy. Tell them that you would just want to find a "good man"™ in between your bad experiences with other men so far, and they will make sure to prove to you that you shall look no further. Let them take care of that poor stranded deer in the headlights.

In my experience a lot of men seem to be attracted to the “damsel in distress”, they feel useful when they can “help” you out (so make sure to complain a lot about the woes of not finding the "good man"™). They seem to be turned off if they discover that you can hold yourself perfectly fine and that you are not in need of assistance whatsoever. In my case it makes most of flirty male acquaintances run faster than they would have time to find out about my really bad character or my other issues!

Really, just try it out if you can, be the poor little dove. Report back when you had the opportunity. Good luck!


Haha. So basically act like the opposite of what a woman really is… a person with an ultra connected brain, and unusually high level of competence.

Genetics itself tells this story.

I love competent women, really, but I know what you mean. I don’t think most men do.

I equally think a lot of men are turned off by funny women, as well.

Real shame. I like both. Funny and competent are huge turn ones for me. I remember when one of my British friends built her own furniture… I was like oh… hmm… for whatever reason, I literally got turned on lol.

I was only used to American woman at that time, and most of the ones I knew (at that time) wouldn’t do that.

Men definitely do like to feel needed, though. This is true. Even I do. I think that’s just a basic human trait, perhaps. This trait seems to unusually exaggerated in many men. Not sure why, but you have to go with what you got… and this is just sort of the way it is, isn’t it.


What’s your opinion on the loser i met Friday night that claim wanted to take me to sports games, drive his awesome car?

He didn’t ask me any questions. Was not at all into going to the titty bar, was complaining about my driving (I’m a good driver) and mainly talking about fucking me.

He did give me a bunch of compliments.

He paid but wasn’t that thrilled about it at the titty bar. We went to the gas station and he offered to give me some money. A whole 5 bucks. He paid for my 1 dollar water at the bar we met at.

And thanks to everyone giving me advice. I will take everything uder consideration.

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Skimming through the story at hand: I have no opinion because apparently we don’t share a similar taste in men :sweat_smile:

My take on this experience:

The overwhelming environment of that “titty bar” killed the build-up of ANY possible intimacy (but you probably killed it first because you seemed to be VERY discontent with the little things he gave off to you). I am not anti-sex but confronting your date with an overload of visual stimuli in an entertainment club when he is supposed to pay attention to you (although kudos to him if he really wasn’t into this setting but soldiered through it for your sake) IS a risky headstart.

You clearly paid more attention to the dancers than to him, which is quite telling in itself.
He probably noticed and didn’t know how to react.

Sometimes being “lame” can be confused with socially shy or insecure behaviour. A lot of men tend to take themselves back a little because they don’t know how to navigate an appropriate amount of flirting and joking and if that dude is a bit shy by nature he might have had difficulties to come out of his shell.

Overall you both had different expectations out of each other, even if you had the lowest common denominator “getting dick/getting pussy” :woman_shrugging:t2:

So, instead of just going after the very vague goal of “getting men” you should rephrase this bit into “getting men that are interesting to me”. Because this man surely wasn’t. You could try any kind of attraction working while you’re visiting such water holes; the men interested in such stuff are there to begin with and won’t feel weird to stare at boobs with you before bedding you.


First thing I would say is that there is no general answer to this. Everyone is completely different. There is no set formula that will appeal to every guy. We are all very different.
For example, for me, what I would like most in a lady would be:
-Nice personality
-Non bigoted
-Sense of humour

I would suggest that you may have the happiest outcomes if you seek guys who like the qualities and characteristics that you naturally have already.

If you’re on a relationship hunt, you may find some useful material in Jareth Tempest’s new book The Filthy Grimoire. Its not all about brief hookups. There is quite a lot of other stuff in there that may be of value to you.