Please Help Me with Prince Sitri

I tried to do evoke to Prince Sitri, I did the ritual by drawing the Sigil and also drawing the Sigil of Solomon as protection, but so far (± 2 months) there were no results that I had hoped for, even I paid a practitioner to do the ritual to contact Prince Sitri so I could be close with my crush, is there anyone who has a connection with Prince Sitri and asks him why he hasn’t answered my request? thank you!


pm me

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thanks :slight_smile:

hope you find out something soon. I myself has been looking for something similar. but so far not getting anywhere.

yeahhh same here, i am hoping we can find out something together

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mine is not related to Prince Sitri but some other entities.
@ebdr already offered you to PM her. I believe she can help you with that :slight_smile:

good luck then :slight_smile: yeahhh, she helped me a lot

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that is great, wish i can find someone like that haha.

you will i am sure

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hopefully, okay i am sorry i ruined your post :slight_smile:

chill :slight_smile:

I also have been trying to contact sitri for the past one month. But he never choose to help me. Also i am a muslim if that’s the problem?

Problem is…using Solomon sigil. Ditch that bitch.

Ask him to help you amplify your sexual auric appeal and work on actually doing it.
You all can’t be lazy…you must work to evolve yourself and level up.

You might also try forming a working relationship with him. Get to know him, let him get to know you. Using the gods gets tiresome to them.


Okay, I will try without seal of solomon tonight :slight_smile:

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Ummmm… I am not sure, have you ever try with another demon?

Not yet. I am giving him enough time before moving into another demon to be sure