Please Guide me to find my Path and Meaning

I’m back here again to talk about my problems, today has been emotionally, mentally and physically draining to say the least, I’ve been through a lot tonight but why I’ve come here is simple I need to help as I can not help myself

If you know anything that may help me tell me. I just went through a little bit of grieve I think and convinced myself everything was meaningless and didn’t have a point, I’m done thinking that way but I need to find my Soul Essence and my Path in life but you see, I can’t find this on my own or at least I think I can’t.

Is it true that everyone comes here with a Meaning? is it true that we all have a purpose in life but don’t know it yet? well if it is true, I must find that purpose and that meaning before I stop trying for good.

The words of advice that I got were good from each person that gave me advice or may give it to me now I thank you, I have not found my path yet, but I have to find in V.K. Jehannum’s live stream tonight I asked “is there a point? or is everything meaningless” one of his responses was “nothing is meaningless, find your path in life and follow it hardcore”

so, I’ve come here to the lovely people of the forum for guidance and help guidance to my path in life. Help me find it please, as I do not know how to find this myself.

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Finding your path is a personal journey you have to undertake on your own. The best way if youre confused is to dabble in a little bit of everything and see what actually clicks. Good luck


For figuring out your magikal path I used a pendelum. I asked my highest self to show me what are my strengths in magick and what I should avoid because it’ll be a waste of my time. Hope this helps. May you find your way soon. Good luck!


now this is something, thank you but I actually just got my pendulum back together and this time instead of a fishline Its a chain but that really doesn’t matter it’s just that you reply telling me to use the pendulum right after I had the idea to make the pendulum is very meaningful. this does help I also had the idea to connect with my higher self too. :slight_smile:

What I did is use the categories on balg with my pendelum to figure out what I’m best suited for and then hunted down the balg members that could help. (Those who offer classes) @telgega and @Micah

PS. I also did a reading to see if I should take the classes offered by the members and whether or not they would benefit me. I got a clear “go for it sign” so I asked to sign up.