Please can you tell me this

Hi , I am new here . I didn’t have opened senses. Suddenly, entity that said that it ‘ s name is Asmodeus came to me and helped me to learn a lesson from biology for school . We didn’t talked too much . At the moment he came I began to see him just like the drawing of him I saw . It wasn’t really clear . After that , someone who claims to be Satan came and asked me for sex and was there with me 3 days before sex after that . It was all so strange for me at the moment . He had blonde hair and said to knight to protect me . After that , many spirits began to came , as it seemed . And I felt like in trance. That lasted 3 months. I am 16 years old and I haven’t got any experience with magick or anything .
Only that similar situation happened a year before with another demon. He came to me because my friend wanted to summon him and he asked me for sex . And I suddenly lost contact with him. I don’t know what is happeng or it is only in my head or is smeone claiming to be someone else ?

I will be a bit blunt saying this.Sex with spirits is a real thing, however, big guys like Satan does not really need you for company now do they? Even if it was nothing problematic, spirits being everywhere around you is concerning.After all you seem to be new in this.Learn how to shield yourself, learn to banish and cleanse etc.He says he will protect you but talk is cheap.

I am unsure whether it was one of big spirits coming under the title of Satan or a weakling, I would be prepaared for worst always.And like I said, spirits being everywhere is concerning.

Thank you ! :blush: I did banishing. I am new so it is hard for me . I know all of that that they don’t need my company or anything. I also don’t get it . I didn’t do anything so it is strange. Thanks for the reply!

And I am 16 years old so it is strange, but I look really older and I am really muscular and have a hourglass figure. After all I don’t believe nor understand this .

You will be free of problems if you do your banishings regularly. :+1: Maybe the guy is real deal, but, we must be ready for any kind of threats.

What do you mean?

I am starting to think that it wasn’t real, because of so many names .

Healthy doses of scepticsm keeps insanity in check,so,nothing wrong with that.Good luck with the rest of your journey.

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Thanks !