Please advise

hi i am new to this and got a question for whom ever can answer me…thanks…i am in love with this girl from work, i burned candles, wore mojo bags, made someone do love magick for me, but still no responses from…infact she likes another guy and wants to be with him rather than me…should i keep trying and move on, do spells, cause a hope is still there in me…i just want her love and want to be with her…can some please advise me…cheers!

The more interest the girl has in you the easier it is. If u read my post. We exchanged numbers and everything. you win some you loose some. If this girl doesn’t want you. Fuck her. Let her fuck your friend. Try to notice what he did different.

First you’ll need to break up her and the new guy. Maybe you should call in someone with more experience with love work to help since you’re not getting it down. There’s more coercive works that I would do to guarantee she’s all yours like tying her down to you and such.