Playing Card Tarot

Does anyone know the meaning of playing cards? I looked up a few articles, but they all had different interpretations. I’d like to get a grip on this using something I already have lying around before I go out and purchase more expensive tarot cards.


Search up cartomancy and look for the site that makes the most sense to you, playing cards are not an inferior Tarot deck, they have very much got their own distinctive power and abilities, and you can often get more by scrying into the cards/the overall spread, than by the pictures shown on Tarot.

Also looks up fortune-telling decks of cards that have normal playing-card symbols but also added interpretations in text right on the cards, which include for reversed cards, and Lenormand. :+1:


I prefer my playing cards to my Tarot cards most of the time. Just like @Lady_Eva said is the best starting point, then spend some time with them. Basics: hearts= cups, diamonds= pentacles, clubs= wands, spades=swords. The meanings are different than the corresponding Tarot cards for many of the cards, though, and the interpretation of the cards in a whole spread is very different from Tarot. Playing cards really take time to get to know. You have to establish a link with them. Just shuffle them, lay them out, cut the deck, connect with them. They will show you. I have an electronic cheat sheet for the meanings that I made for my clients, pm me if that might be helpful.


I’m just curious. When you say playing cards, you mean regular card deck?

A normal pack of playing cards has 52 cards, so you could assign to this
28 mansions of the moon
12 zodiac signs
7 planets
5 elements
(like I did when making my own cards :smiley:)
Or something more traditional like 52 weeks 4 seasons 13 moons.


Yep, they make a good tool and accessible almost everywhere.

Waddingtons are the god-tier brand IMO:

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I find this interesting. It makes sense too. Wish I had known of this in the beginning. Saved me lots of money. Lol Thank you… I always feel like I’m cheating on my main deck, when I use others. :wink:

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Holy crap I’ve wanted to get into something like tarot forever and this just might be what I need!! :sob:


That’s what I told you about :stuck_out_tongue: That it is possible

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For a bit I used my tarot cards like they were ordinary playing cards without the makor arcana, and played klondike soltaire, and noting what was occurring in the stacks, and the seven piles were in reference to the seven planets and the four stacks tthe four elements. Made it interesting.

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