Plans for a pendulum

Maybe someone knows something better than me. i have always had an issue with pendulum work. If someone is holding it- all confidence for me is eroded. guns rarely pull their own triggers.
So my plan is this. Going to make a pendulum board , of copper, brass or bronze, (which is best?) then a pyramid of brass and copper welding rods wrapped together with silver wire, which will be placed over the board, from which the pendulum will hang down, on that will be a thin sheet of plexiglass pyramid which will cover the the whole unit. I figure if i can get spirits to make the pendulum move with that, there should be very little issue with a human deciding what the spirits reply will be. Not to mention, it will take a spirit event using enough power to be difficult to doubt. Any thoughts?

That wont work Frater, like you said ‘guns rarely pull their own triggers’.

Better to program the pendulum, and trust yourself.

I see your point. but for better or worse; i strongly believe that we live in an age where the “works of Magick” can be done in Scientifically Acceptable and Relyable ways. Seriously; you get to watch 2 videos- hell, you are sitting right there. one is the person holding the pendulum , getting there answers. The next is the person using the method I proposed, pendulum swings and answers are given- which one are you going to consider less tainted by ‘the operators’ ‘influence’. ?
now- I like what you said in the link- and will do it-(does the matter that my pentagram is pewter matter_ the Baphomet over it is sterling silver)
But if a spirit is involved- and since i have seen spirits move all kinds of things without a human flesh contact- why would it not work?
It is one of my biggest issues with all ‘spiritual endeavors’ if spirits show up without being called on- just how much evokation is necessary- which is another reason I appreciate EA so much; I donot think he has shown "shortcuts’ so much as he has shown that for the most part- the keys are already in the ignition- just turn them; sure sometimes there is some extra effort need- by some; but for the most part- no need for overly exhaustive ritual- especially if it is intended to let the ‘Entity’ know he is just a Goyim lacky for your purposes.
So- true- I may sit forever and never see it move- but what does that really say?

[quote=“Alpha Scorpii, post:2, topic:4525”]That wont work Frater, like you said ‘guns rarely pull their own triggers’.

Better to program the pendulum, and trust yourself.[/quote]

By all means give it a try Frater, it may work but consider this. It is the human hand in Ouija, dowsing and automatic writing that creates the link. If you think a spirit will move a pendulum by it self, why not let it type on your computer instead, that would make for easier communication yes? And if no, why would one thing work and another thing not work?

Instead of spending time making up new methods and crafting new devices your time would better be spent working on your mind so you dont consciously affect the pendulum and work on trusting the results you get, as these skills are useful for a broad range of magical practices which your ‘hands off’ pendulum isnt. IMO

It doesnt matter what your pendulum is made from, use whatever you like.