Planning My Future 1: Petitions

So I decided to take a step back and start with some Petitions to demons, angels, spirits, and god to help jump start my life since my senses aren’t the best (Though I’m working on it) and Sigil Gazing doesn’t really work on it own from what I’ve done at least. But a petition I did once did work so I can get results from that for sure.

So I’ll be separating which spirits I want to Petition by what I Want/Need to be done. (Maybe Written Pacts but)

Sex/ Relationships/ and Love

Ladilok- To enslave/ seduce certain persons name here to me and to make them fall into my path.

Lotir- To bring or make my love for someone true and to have them to possess the same love for me

Kret- To bring me someone I really want put name here to me for as much time as possible.

Zepar-To work In tangent with kert or Lotur

Dantalian- To will others minds into wanting me or loving me

Sitri- get girls when needed.

frimost- To bring me the girls I desire or bring me a girl out of the crowd

Manipulation/ Mind Control / Forcing

Ose- to Shape people to my desire

Marbas- Turn people/ myself into what I want

Eshmak- Getting certain people to think the way I need them too

Raskutor- Bringing people to me that I can use.

Acheron- To gently sway people to my benefit.

Travel/ Moving/ Transporting

Sraagbel- He shows the truth and can be used to show me what I need to do mundane to move (or many other things)

Bathin- To help me move and make everything go smoothly.

Aglasis- Said t transport anything throughout the world, I’ll ask him to get me an easy and cheap way to my destination

Merfilde- To work with Aglasis

Sagatana- Another assistant

Astral Travel/ Projection/ Soul Travel

Thalos- To pull me out of the body when I’m in deep relaxation and when I say a certain key phrase

Satagraal- To tear the veil when i ask/ say a phrase

Azazel- To keep me focused on entering out of body states

Bathin- To help me move/travel out of body

Gabriel- Possible for lucid dreaming and to help remember the astral protection

Amaymon- A demon of memory, I shall ask him if he can make me maintain the memory of astral projections

Healing/ Good Health/ Relaxation

Phul- To heal me, and keep me well

Foras- To expand my life

… More to come tomorrow very tired to finish cx


Physical Transformation/ Beauty/ Attractiveness

Zagan- Changing my life so I eat healthier and workout more, Plus another one for keeping up my school work

Lilith- To make me feel more attractive and seem more attractive to others

Marbas- As a healer and shapeshifter I would like to ask him to change my physical body to align with my spiritual life, in a way.

Letana- To bring me courage and all my life endeavors

Spirtual Transmutation/ Acent/ Initation

Belial- To remove any inner struggles, blockages, or past delusions I am stuck in.

Azazel- To perform inner spiritual alchemy to get me in prime shape for awakening

Sustugriel - A demon of supernatural powers, I shall ask him to grant me kensis powers irl (or ways to get them) and to enchant my dream and astral life.

Most of the Kof Asention spirits

Wealth/ Material Things/ Cash

Bune- For getting a job I like or Pushing my Books

Clauneck- to bring me “immediate” wealth when needed

Seere- He works with treasure and theft so I will use him when I need him to steal wealth or things from people.

Andromalius- to Bring back what is mine, or what was taken from me, even if I didn’t know it was stolen.

Mammon- As the demon/god that represents Greed, I would like to start to a relationship with him. Though I know he is picky.

Jupiter- To work with a Planetary spirit for wealth is a given and will help me start a relationship

Elubatel, Ebuhuel, Atuesuel - Call upon them to change my life for more money and wealth.

Lucifuge- He is the lord of pacts so maybe its better to make a pact instead of a petition but might call upon him since I share his mindset of always wanting more

Pendralion- To change the currents of wealth in my favor

Iadon- To quickly bring me wealth when needed

Salas’ash- To bring me the amount of money i need for a particular object.

Psychic Abilities/ Astral Sense/ Spirit Communciation

Sirchade (Acham)- Opening my sight so I can see spirits and more

Klepoth- To see visions in dreams and more

Paralda- To awaken my clairvoyance to the point where I can tell. Plus might ask him for mental clarity and feeling whats around me also improving my memory

Mepsitahl- To develop full, distinguished telepathy and spirit communication (The ability to hear and talk with spirits). Telekinesis at a later date

Fastos- To enhance my demonic communication

Meton- To enhance my Angelic communication

Atron- To be able to sense the dead and spirits around me

Paltator- Open up my sight to its full capacity so I can stop my doubt and work with all the spirits I’ve ever called upon.

Sastan- Perfecting my seership abilities, mainly the ability to hear the spirit in my head and out with clarity

Divination/ Sheership/ Teller

Gabriel- Too guide my divination on a Divine level

Tah’ka’yat- To bring my divination ability to its max

Astaroth- To bring clarity to all my tarot readings

Gusion - To give understanding to what I am seeing

Camio- To let me notice signs in nature and the wild

Writing/ Inspiration / Storytelling

Sowrges- To help me noticed wrong grammar in my writings

Mammy’aon- To bring me inspiration to all my writings and arts


How things are going for you?

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The level of overkill in calling all of those spirits…

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i like your thread, going to use it in my own workings.

Love it.

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bookmarked… thankyou

please give us updates