Planets and their elements?

Hi Magi,

I have a chart from a book, which seems to be wrong for wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday.
Does anyone know for sure if the below chart is right or wrong?



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Why do you think it’s wrong for the days you mentioned?

Its correct

I think
mercury is earth
jupiter is air
venus is water
saturn is air

For reference -

All those planets rule two signs, each belonging to different element. But they are known for their dominant element ruling sign… Saturn is known for earthy energy of Capricorn, so is Venus for Taurus, Jupiter, watery for Pisces even though Sagittarius is pretty fiery and Mercury, airy for Gemini.

These attributes must be coming from age old traditional astrology.

yup I follow only Vedic Astrology :slight_smile:

So, if the same planet has two signs, either of the elements could be used to work with that planet?

I think so…

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ok thanks :slight_smile:

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@Dinmiatus @anon47923162

I would say Mercury most definitely is air primarily but you also have to remember the planets are not going to correspond to a single element. They will have a different balance of elemental aspects depending which aspect of the planet you work with you can consider these as being the majority of the elemental affinity but not all that will correspond.
Mercury is mostly air though I would give it connection to water and the other elements through water and air.
Jupiter I would say is largely Earth.
Venus is a bit tricky I say equal parts earth and water but also fire in the aspect dealing with love.
Saturn is definitely earth but also dark aspect of water but less elementally associated and more principle association with the dark principles of earth and water.


Yes and colors are involved too, for example green is an Earth but also “a bit” Water color and is the point where/the reason why Venus partakes of both the elements. Jupiter, blue, indeed Water and Air; and so on.

Okay so if you are using just the planet for your ritual dont worry about the element but if you wanna give it an extra kick then you can incorporate an element based on the sign associated with your goal. :alien:

Depending on if your using western or vedic associations will determine the formula for you.

Think of it this way. When you evoke specific planetary and elemental energies of a zodiac sign you are evoking the energies that would be generated in an astrology chart for thay placement, you could even incorporate the number of the house of the area you are targeting. Whether it is in the sigil or symbolism or in the number of candles ect.

Usually i find the planet by itself packs enough of a punch to handle the job for most basic rituals.

I only start mixing planetary and elemental energies when i am working on long term (6-12+ month goals as things can get a bit intense as a result of the storm of energies your bringing into play.

Another thing is elemental energies can be though of as more general in terms of area of effect. When you shift from elemental to planetary you are working to narrow down the area effected to specific things.


Absolutely correct.

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The book is correct insofar as most western astrology is concerned.

There are different elements given for all the planets in the main different systems of astrology. What you present is generally one of the main western attributions.

The Parashara system (which much of Indian astrology is based on) gives different attributions…the ones you linked from the site - although actually Jupiter is given to Ether, not air.

The Chinese systems give other different elements again. So Mercury is given water in the chinese systems, earth in the Indian and air in the Western. Hooray…

At least they can all agree on Mars being fire.