Planetary visions

So i had visions a while back of me using something like these :

So in my vision they were set up like that but it was like a solar system. And if i picked one up and did something to it, it effected which ever planet it was connected to, so when i saw these i just had to get them. So i did.

But now what do i do? Assign each one to a specific planet and go from there… :thinking:

Charge them with the planets energy i assign to them?

Any thoughts? Suggestions?


Evoke the Ruling God/Demon/Angel of each planet and consecrate the shit to be the physical link to each planet

So that whatever you do to the model, is done to the actual planet

Don’t destroy Earth Ari.
That’s my job :ok_hand:


I’ll try to remember that :joy:

And thanks for the ideas :bulb:


What is that?

I was really happy when i found those with the stand and they were almost exactly like my visions …

Kinda scary tho… :joy:


Its various crystals on a stand which happens to form a hexagram. The green is jade, and theres red jade, tigers eye, clear quarts, amythist, and possibly moon stone not sure about the white one.

I plan to use them like i did in my visions… just have to go back and see it again to get a feel of what i was doing. I remember everytime i picked up or touched one it affected the planet correlating to it.


That’s really cool, how did you / how do you plan on affecting the planet?


Not sure yet but i just found this :

So im one step closer to it.

Not a big golden dawn fan but it does give me some ideas


Was researching cubes the otherday. Reminds me of this.

first thought that came to mind.


Thats pretty cool !! Looks like i have alot to dig into :slight_smile:

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Interesting I’ve had two different dreams in the last week with two planets I was magically touching from earth that looked exactly like two you have there lol. No thoughts on it tho…

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That six-petal flower is the center there is the symbol for Bog Rod, the Creator of All.