Planetary seals the same as spirit sigils?

Does anyone know if the planetary seals provided by Jason Miller on his book Advanced Planetary Magic can be used in the same way one would use a spirit sigil using the following E.A. Koetting instructions?

If you mean, can they be opened, then yes, they can. I have done it. It doesn’t really bring anything to them though. Their power lies in their shape, as they were channeled directly from the planets to overcome astrological alignments and ensure the flow of planetary energies.

If you mean, can you open them, and project your intent like a spirit sigil, then no, they cannot be used in that way as they are the raw force of the planets, not spirits.


The use of sigils is pretty straightforward. Sigils are sigils.

Are chakra, elemental, planetary and entity sigils the same, absolutely no.

Chakra sigils handle the life essence of your body and others.

Elementals handle physical things around you and the basic concept of spirit.

Planetary sigils cover emotional themes like love and war.

So very different uses and angles or working or attack.

Entity sigils connect to disembodied intelligences.

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Interesting, for instance I have Saturn exactly at one degree of distance from my ascendant on my natal chart. One of the good things about this is that it makes me a very organized and methodical individual but at the same time one of the negative parts about this planetary position is that it makes me some times a very cold person, which is something I want to change.

From your experience do you think there is a way to influence, in a positive way, the planetary aspects of one’s natal chart by working with this planetary seals?

Do you know of an effective method for using the chakra sigils to balance the 7 points? I would like to add something like this to my daily routine.

Yes, the planetary sigils of Jason Miller were specifically designed to overcome any negative astrological influences, so you don’t have to worry about all that “retrograde” nonsense that makes the rounds periodically as an excuse for things not working out.

In his ebook Advanced Planetary Magick, Miller has a practice where you tattoo the planetary seals into your aura, to balance them out. you visualize each seal and move them around until they “click” into the optimum spot for the best effect.


I have not experimented with it to know an answer, so I can not offer one.

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Thanks for sharing. I also plan to create an oil painting of the Jupiter’s seal on blue with a black background and place it in my office with the purpose of printing its shape on my subconscious, this way counteracting the cold influence of Saturn.

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i am quite versed with planetary influences as i am a trained vedic/jyotish/hindu astrologer.

In our school of thought, they are called grahas, “celestial siezers”.

You can work with planetary influences in 2 ways ( looking at your natal chart ). You can calm down negative influences of a planet by way of mantras and donations to organisations that the detrimental planet represents.

For example Saturn rules , old people , the lame etc. Donating regularly or volunteering your time in those organisations (on Saturdays) is a time tested way. Also feeding crows on a saturday.

Another way would be to strengthen the planet opposite of the detriment. E.g Venus.

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Thanks for the advice, do you know of any books that teach mantras to calm the negative planetary influences?