Planetary ritual

hello, has anyone here read planetary magick by jason miller? just finished reading it and have absolute no idea on how to perform the spells (the 49 calls: sol of jupiter, saturn of jupiter etc) if anyone has performed it before please give me an idea on how to go about it

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I have it. It’s fairly straight forward. The calls are basically invocations of each planetary aspect, so depending on which influence you want, you would recite the appropriate call at the appropriate hour on the appropriate day.

He gives a general description of what the spell can be used for just beneath each call. Decide on the result you want, and then choose the planet that rules it and go from there.

So, for example, if you were looking for a new lover, you would perform the Venus of Luna call on a Monday, in the hour of Venus. If you work with money, especially anything to do with its movement, you would use Jupiter of Mercury, and perform it on a Wednesday, in the hour of Jupiter.

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Did you get results from it?

So the thing is to use midnight as 0-1 am as Referenzen thats when the hour and the day have the same ruler for example monday the Moon. The 7 planets Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun. For more knowledge try Agrippa’s workings

thank you so much!

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