Planetary Magick

Hi Magi,

I have asked someone to do something for me. The person in question has said no to that. I want to make that person do it anyway, but without hurting him.

Which planet is best for this type of work?
How would I cast a spell to make him do what I want him to do?



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I don’t think planetary magick is your best route for mind control, but I’d say Mars in the hour of Mercury or vice versa

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How would you approach this situation? Using what type of magick?

Depends on what you want them to do what energy you would use. Use the influence of the planet in line with what you want to make them do.

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I understand what you saying but i dont know how to use it :stuck_out_tongue:
I need him to send me some pics that he has.
I could use a candle.
Actually that was my question. Which planet to use for this one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well to just get him to send pictures I think you might just want to ditch the planetary magick and go to direct influence. However water does aid in remote hypnosis and by extension the moon and mercury plays a role as well but I would say use the moon and telepathic sending while he is asleep to implant the command of being more amenable to your suggestions in sending those pictures.


Great tip.

How can I send a telepathic command to my target?

I have an idea about how to doit. But i wanna know how you would do it.

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I would wait until I knew for sure they were asleep then clear my mind completely and focus on connecting to them. If you keep yourself in a state of zero thought you will feel when you’ve made this connection now visualize them in full living detail and send your message as a command into their mind over and over repeating it until you see a reaction. You can also condense pure thought energy around and in them and turn it to carry your command. This takes a bit of practice at first but is effective.

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cool this ones a new way !

I didnt understand this part.

Can you please explain more on the matter?

Just see pure thought without any programming. The mental equivalent of energy or white noise until you give it purpose.

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I do something similar,
Bring together both hands as if holding a ball of energy, feel some energy and then program it with intent and send it away to do the work.

You mean this one, right?

Yes but actually be linked to their mind and instead of just a ball of energy surround them with an entire room of programmed energy filling their mind.

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Even I’m too aware of that method, to be this method more effective,

  1. You have to visualize silver cord connecting from your third eye to target third eye.
  2. After that do same for your aura.
  3. Then with your eyes to their.
    After your connection, rub your hands(palms) one another until heat is generated.then keep it in front of your heart chakra about 6 inch apart and then as you said visualize ball of energy(intent).
    Once you done, exhaust your energy symbolically by pushing away from your heart chakra and then put your fore finger of left hand to your lower lips and don’t say anything (this means that you exhausted (sent) your energy(intent) to your target) and you have to let go.

This method is best when target is asleep.