Planetary magick

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I was wondering what type of magick comes under the planets Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn?
Are there any good books on the topic??

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I’m not exactly sure if there is a book out there specificly about planetary magick, but I do know quite a bit about the celestial bodies.

Travel, communication, speed
Any thing relating to movement by itself mercury might not be of much use for anyone except a traveler or just a guy that’s involved in activities related to communication.
So what you can do is have mercury behave as a sort of vehicle for your spell, let’s say your working with Jupiter for finances, great now you got the energy and potential to make that extra buck, but it isn’t gonna get anywhere unless your moving the energy this is the part where Mercury comes it.

Celestial, spiritual, influences
You can use the moon to boost your spiritual practices or enhance communication with celestial beings but what you can use the moon for is influencing others just as the moon influences the tides on our ocean and even our blood flow slightly so can you with the minds of others, being the closest celestial body you can do a lot with mama Luna.

Love, friendship,
Venus is the planet your after if your looking for a new friend or partner, the planet also pertains healing abilities like the sun, venus by itself already has similar abilities to the other planet’s, so if you cant work under same day with the planet you need, Monday(moon), or Friday(Venus), is your best bet.

Also known as Binah, on the sephirothic tree it’s the planet of darkness, banishing and retraction.
If your looking to get rid of something Saturn is your go to also the best planet to work under for cursing or evoking darker entities, let’s say qlippothic beings.


Everything you need right there and all of the correspondences and how to use each day and hour in 1 video.


Thanks @Lokthoriel and @serpens_album :slight_smile:

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As for financial matters you may get help from Jupiter especially; and on that way Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller would be very helpful with lots of explanations and sigils etc.


Out of all the 9 planets (Traditional 7 and Rahu and Ketu),
Which planet is best for long term finances and creating few passive income sources??

Jupiter mostly. God Juve and his 4 Goddesses may provide excellent help on such matters.

Never heard of God having name Juve and his 4 goddesses :stuck_out_tongue:
can you tell me more about them? Maybe point me to a book or article?

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Sorry Jove

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Incase you haven’t seen this and may find it useful.


There are many, many, books on planetary magick.

These are a good place to start:

Advanced Planetary Magick by Jason Miller
Planetary Magick by Denning & Phillips
Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus
and, of course, Agrippa and his 3 books of Occult Philosophy.


Israel Regardie’s book on making and using talismans is a good way to get hands-on with planetary magick as well. :+1:


I was wondering which of the nine planets (Traditional 7 and Rahu and Ketu) would be responsible for Learning Magick (not planetary magick, any type of magick in general)???

The Moon is traditionally the planet for magick.

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hell yeah Mama Luna is strongest in my chart :wink:

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Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:


Also Mercury = Hermes & links to Thoth & Odin. :smiley:

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Yeah, gonna work with Odin sometime in future. Probably, Hermes and Isis too :blush:

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Depending on the perspective rahu is associated with desire of the soul,obessions, “forbidden knowledge” gained through trials ,magick. You may find this interesting.

connections between mercury odin and bragi are explored as well as connections between rahu and loki as well as balder and the soul of i remember right :thinking:

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