Planetary magic square (kamea)

Hello BALG users,

I have used magic squares before as talismans, but now I am digging deep into it. I want to create a magic square that uses the power of the entities on Jupiter, i’ve got the day and time right (in a few hours), but in all the books i’ve read they don’t talk about charging it.

When I used kamea’s before, they used the entities of earth to help you, with specific mantra’s to charge and enable it to work.

How do I charge a planetary magic square?

The same way you charge a sigil through visualization or sexual juices. Best not to use blood.


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Everyone works differently but an excellent Method is to do the demonic lbpr* and after saying “… the 6 rayed star .” push the energy in the seal or kamea. And charge it.

*or lbpr according to your path

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