Planetary Inteligences/Spirit: EARTH?

Planet - Inteligence / Spirit

  • Moon - Malcha / Hasmodai
  • Mercury - Tiriel / Taphthartharath
  • Venus - Hagiel / Kedemel
  • Sun - Nakhiel / Sorath
  • Mars - Graphiel / Bartzabel
  • Jupiter - Iophiel / Hismael
  • Saturn - Agiel / Zazel
  • Earth - ??? / ???

Isn’t earth, Gaia? Or some people call earth, Mother Earth. So something along those lines? Not sure.

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Was also wondering about this for a while. Traditionally it seems there is none assigned to the Earth, however, in Theosophy they do assign an intelligence to Earth.

digging a hole in the ground, sitting in it and watching the sky i’ve experienced the earth as the world turtle and as a sleeping giant. both times the experience has been of guardian of us, and as giving without expectation of receiving.

The remaining / non-classical planets are not perfectly named and what little has been explored is typically well-guarded by the individuals who have worked with these planets because they put the work in to find them out.

Personally, I would suggest Sandaphalon, Uriel and Naamah. In my personal definition, Sandaphalon is the Intelligence, Uriel protects the earth, and Naamah is the spirit (demon), especially as defined when looking at how Earth and Malkuth are associated with one another. Otherwise, I would also suggest you try to call, perhaps Uriel in general or other earth-leaning spirit, and ask if he/they know the Intelligences and Spirit.

@Mind_Seeker20 (and anyone who just wants a fun fact I guess)

Planetary spirits in planetary occult magic are not the same as personifications, gods, or pagan/neopagan spirits in the modern/post modern sense. They are specific entities, not just any earthly spirit or spirit of the earth. In the same vein that, say, The Seven Archangels have corresponding days of the week, so do the planets in Esoteric Abrahamic belief have corresponding Benevolent and Malevolent entities. The intelligence is typically a benevolent angel, the Spirit is the malevolent demonic counterpart that is kept in check by the Intelligence. Both are representational of the planet’s qualities.

Intelligence by this definition (approx. late 1400s to early 1600s) is a spiritual being and one that is “alien to mankind” (Oxford English Dictionary 5.a.). It is also an embodiment, but not necessarily a personification. Thus, the Intelligence of, say, Mars is Tiriel, who is the angelic benevolent embodiment of everything Mars represents, but not the personification of Mars the Planet. The spirit of Mars, Tapthartharath, is the demonic malevolent embodiment of Mars, and is kept in check by Tiriel.

Hope that helps everyone here.


I would have gone more with spirits that embody the earth, which is why I said Gaia or other spirits that litterly represent the Earth. I don’t see Naamah and the others as being embodiments of the earth or the Earth personified. So my personal choice would be Gaia, or another goddess that personifies the earth.

I can see that, but Gaia is not a planetary spirit. As I said before, a Planetary Spirit is a specific kind of entity in Abrahsmic occultism and Gaia would not be appropriate. Naamah, Sandaphalon, and Uriel actually are spirits of earth and it’s attunements in Abrahamic occultism regardless of if you or I see them that way or not, hence my suggestions.


Satan, Belial, Beelzebub are surely the planetary spirits of Earth :snake:

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