Planet sounds


Did you ever tried to perform a ritual having Planet sounds in background?
For exemple saturn sound in Azazel rituals?



Moon sounds for Lilith. The recordings are from NASA which I believe are on YouTube. Maybe it was the type of work I was doing with her but the sounds from the moon really brought out a darker aspect of her. For days after the ritual I had open visions of her ripping to pieces and slaughtering men like a preying mantis, biting my neck and giving me her venom, and me being baptized in the blood of these men she killed. Pretty awesome stuff but not for the faint at heart. I will say this, I never once felt threatened by her and the aggression was not aimed towards me. I got the feeling of an overall approval and the green light to work with her.


Would you mind posting the link to the one’s you used? Thanks!


Couldn’t find the exact one I used over the summer of 2018. Must have been deleted. But I think this one is the same audio just looped. Hope this works for you!


Thank you! :vulcan_salute: