Plane rankings

I wanted to try my hand at another article. Now unlike my last one I will be clear. This is only theoretical. I do not have definite answers. I do not want to hear on this thread I am telling lies or role playing. I would like to hear some opinions.This is a discussion thread. I repeat this is only theoretical. Theoretical ranking of planes:
Sub planes:

  • [x] True god plane: A plane created by a true god who has ascended outside the primordial void. These are essentially impossible to get into unless your a true god. Beings born on this plane are most likely born with the power of a false god. Beings born on this plane are immortal.
    • [x] Deathless plane: This is a plane in which all causes and effects of death are not possible unless forced upon by a entity who is more powerful. Hard to create by anything below a true god. False gods can create this type with effort. Beings born on this plane are immortal.
    • [x] False god plane: A plane created by a false god. Places like the Christian heaven and hell. Buddhahist pure abodes. These are planes beings born in this plane are born at a level of reasonable power.

Main levels:
Chaos planes: planes that are closest to the primordial chaos. Mostly planes where cosmic laws manifest. Only select beings live here.

  • [x] Creation planes: A set of planes responsible for supplying the resources needed to create planes. Creators might live here.
  • [x] Natural born planes: Planes that are naturally occurring. No beings are responsible for creating these. Beings born here vary.
  • [x] Artificial planes: Planes created by beings such as humans, spirits and gods. Beings born on these planes vary. Might be weaker then natural planes but depends on power and control.
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What makes these different planes special is that they each represent different concepts.The chaos planes to me represent the beginning of the creation of the multi layered universe strong text,and so it contains knowledge of how the universe was created. The creation planes represent the concept of a machine in a sense.These planes would be the dynamos that fuel the constant creation outwards into the void.One could takes this principle and apply it to their own plane. Admittedly I have very little true understanding of how the universe truly works, this is just an interesting discussion. I do hope I can get some feedback

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So in truth the planes are where you learn the secrets of all creation and destruction. The ultimate goal to me is to surpass the source all together and become a true divinity who is unhindered by the laws of this universe and can create his own rules separate from all.