Plan of attack

Like many others, I’m trying to get back with my ex, that recently got back with her abusive ex because “he changed”, in a nutshell, and I found out he hasn’t.

So from what I’ve read on the forums so far, Paimon seems to be the one to clear up negativity between myself and my ex, and seems to be the first step.

Where I’m kind of stuck is who to break their relationship up, turn her love for her ex into hate, bring out the worst in him.

Seems Beleth is the one to go to for aid in formulating a loving, true relationship with between myself and my ex?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Would you go up the the Queen of England and say “Hi Lizzie” - suggest you look up the correct etiquette when addressing these entities.


Get your point, to be fair I wasn’t addressing the entities, I was addressing the users of this forum.


Why don’t you try meditating on Beleths name and just getting a feel for her presence and the gradually work up to your request.