Placing emphasis on lower chakras?

For the past 4 moths or so I have done this:
I do the Cabbalistic Cross, invoke with the LRP, I do the Middle Pillar, then a shower of light.
About a month or so ago I got a distance Reiki attunement, did 21 days of self healing, then got a level 2 attunement
Since I got “attuned” with Reiki I added some self healing with Reiki after the CC, LRP, MP, SL excercises. I am not a huge meditator, so it all takes a little less than an hour.

I would have to say that, given my past, my current situation and my feelings toward it, that my lower Chakras are screwed up.

Is there a good way to address this? Would I do just do my normal stuff, then just spend some extra time on my lower chakras, starting with the root? or should I spend time on all the lower chakras? Or should I just do what I have been doing and they will come around on their own if I just keep strengthening the entire system.

You must thoroughly develop your lower chakras before you can safely open up the higher ones much. If you attemp to work in the blue and indigo ray chakras following the LHP too early, you will go insane like Hitler did.

This goes for positive and neutral seekers as well. You have been warned.

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What’s your form of work ? I like meditating , working with sound frequencies , crystals , doing actions and acting in a way that correlates with them being balanced , any other tips

Not much as I’m still a white belt so to speak. Lately, paganism amd invocation/evocation, which my teacher would disapprove of. Otherwise, I am studying the Kaballah but have yet to make the journey to Yesod because I have yet to find the right way to process my fear like that. Also, reading Carlos Castaneda because my teacher HIGHLY recommends him.

Not much else though tbh.

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One of the possible approaches is to work only on the root chakra then proceed with Svadhishtana, maybe you’ll feel when it’s the moment or choose a period, for example of one week etc.

Naw. I tried that. Bad idea. People have this misconception about chakras that they’re this mechanical thing in nature.

Chances are, your lower chakras blockages are all related and are all blocking different aspects of the SAME problem from experience. That is, if one has lower chakra blockages. The chakras get blocked because we experience something, we do not like it, so we disconnect from the experience. We refuse to fully experiemce it. This creates a blockage because we are blocking experience related to the chakra(s) in question. The best eay to unblock the chakras is to fully process the experiences/emotions being blocked. To do that, one must fully FEEL the emotions being suppressed and fully experience them. This is called “processing” the emotions. Easier said than done quite frankly.

One useful thing to do is to learn the Cobra Breath if you cam afford it. In my area, training costs 400 bucks. But with this COVID 19 business, it ain’t an option yet for a bit. Whatevs. Can’t afford it lately anyhow. Not yet. Cobra Breath is a pranayama yogic breathing technique for chakra development. It has 7 levels. Level 1 opens the 3rd eye just enough to get a better insight regarding lower chakra blockages in order to better heal them. Level 2 works more intensely on the lower 2 chakras. Level 3 focuses on the heart and throat chakraa, but mostly the heart. Level 4, throat and 3rd eye. Levels 5 through 7 can only be taught in dreams. Only level 4 practitioners and up are qualified to teach the Cobra Breath.

The technique is a living entity and can be waroed for all who practice it by 1 practitioner fucking it up. As such, it is highly guarded and practitioners are sworn not to teach it until deemed fit to (attatinment of lvl 4) Traditionally, that takes many years. Here in the US people rush through it much quicker. Sounds dangerous to me but has yet to damage the tecjnique from what I know. Improper practice can also lead to neurological damage and psychosis. This also applies to anybody who practice a warped Cobra Breath which is again why it is so guarded. The consequences of just having any incompetent motherfucker teach it are possibly quite heavy.

Other than that

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