when the AoS book2 was released I got one by means of a competition. I AM STILL WAITING FOR THE FUCKING BOOK E.A KOETTING.

Support can help you more with that than I can.

He’s a busy guy and I’m sure you’ll get the book if you won it by means of a competition. Sometimes things like this take a bit of time and if this is true I’m sure you’re not forgotten about. I just feel like there’s no need to be rude if you’re going to get a $100 book for free. This could’ve been handled in a more polite manner instead of posting this.

Just hit up support, they have the answers you’re looking for.

Just because I won it does that make it mine any less? Support as been of no help

Still waiting for my book to be delivered (Anthology of sorcery book 2)

No. It’s yours because it was promised to you. Shouldn’t matter if the book was paid for or free, if they had a contest or random drawing and you were picked as the winner, then you deserve to receive what you were promised and if there will be a delay of several weeks before the item is shipped, they could be courteous and let you know.

This is why I hate when someone starts getting too much fame or a company becomes too big and has too much money, they think they can go back on their promises whenever they feel like it just because they don’t have enough time to do it themselves or because they think if they’re not getting paid for something then the other person can wait and wait. That’s what employees are for, hire people to be your flunkies and do your dirty work if you don’t wanna do it yourself.

I woulda bitched up a storm by now and threatened to report them. If someone has an official contest, then by law they are expected to deliver the goods to the winner.

It may be a bad business move for them, but ultimately what business has “the law” intervening with creative material? If they don’t want to keep a promise, their reputation will likely suffer, and they’ll have to deal with that. Equally, what on earth will possibly be gained with insistently entitled whining? It’s just a constant reminder that you don’t want to do the work yourself. It’s been all this time, and you haven’t so much as lifted a ritual finger to work things in your favour?

I don’t work for BALG in any capacity, I should add, I’m just an LHP practitioner who moderates.

I e-mailed Timothy about this Saturday night, I haven’t heard back yet but that’s as far as this can go connected to the forum, no-one else here can help so I’m locking this and Seth, I’ll keep you posted on what Timothy says.

Posted this thread to expose the incompetence of BALG delivering on its promises. I was wrong and I apologize for what was said. The bullshit country that I live in only informed me of the package being delivered after it was already sent back to the sender address. I gave up now on having the book and moved passed it. Just want to say thank you for the effort.