Pint of mammal's blood

Just a quick question for anyone that could help. In the Mastering Divination Course it mentions to get a pint of mammal’s blood. I have no issue with this, but what is the going price for this? and do i just go to a butcher Shop for this?

Thanks in Advance
Frater V.V.

I just went to a butcher. My freezer is stuffed with it now.

Thanks Bran. Much Appreciated!. What is the average price for a pint of blood that way i know i am not being way over charged?
Thanks Again.

Well, I’m living in Belgium so the prices will be different. But I just payed a couple of dollars. Neglectable.

Thanks Again Bran

Make sure you are buying a pint of blood and NOT a “pint”!

Bran…I LOVE Belgian Ale my friend…Trappist ALL day.