🔮 Pick a Card - Messages for the broken hearted

Hello :crystal_ball:

I had a strong feeling I should be doing this today - so here is another Pick a Card Reading for you.

This time it’s about
Messages for the broken hearted“

:hibiscus: Feedback is appreciated! :hibiscus:

How it works:

  • Pick a Card from the photo.
    Don’t take the one you think looks best but the one you feel a connection to.
    Take a few deep breaths and concentrate before you decide.
  • Go to the reading for the pile you chose. It’s possible that not everything resonates with you as this is a group reading.

Choose a Card:

Please wait until I posted all the readings before you comment.


Pile 1

It’s important to free yourself from all the negative feelings and the person/people that causes pain to your heart. You can’t be happy again as long as you don’t have the control about your life.

There seems to be a lot of confusion that has to be cleared out. Use your intuition. Divination could help you with it.

If you don’t have the possibility to work things out, be sure that there will be a time, where you can live with it and leave it behind.

Have hope, because the worst is behind you, better times lie ahead.

It’s time for you to heal. Everything has its right time even though it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

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Pile 2

You shouldn’t be so concerned about everything. If you want to recapture someone, take it easy and show your calm and happy side.

It’s important to love yourself first. You have to have respect for yourself to make sure either people respect you as well and find you attractive.

Spend time with your friends and/or good people. Their positive feelings can have a good influence on you. You don’t need negativity.

See what’s in-between everything that happened. What did you not see so far?

Lay back, watch and wait and see what will come to you.


Pile 3

You need some time with your friends. Let them help and support you.

Seems like you feel the need to control a situation - let go of it. Allow the situation to happen and unfold.

There is separation at the moment or it lies ahead.

Use your imagination and allow yourself to dream about things which are not in your control - allow yourself to receive something good.

There seem to be lots of things you don’t understand at the moment - but that’s how life goes sometimes. Have trust. There might be some detours sometimes, but that doesn’t mean, that what you want won’t happen.

Hope it resonates :four_leaf_clover:
I wish that all of you will feel better soon! :muscle:

Thank you very much!

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