Physical weirdness

Can anyone explain this.
I will give some background first.
So about 5 days ago I started to feel some thing interesting on my body.
It feels like an energetic massage or tingle constantly on two very distinct spots on my back.
Just imagine if a person would have wings on their back where they would be located, exactly there is where I have been feeling this physical sensation nonstop now and the intensity does not change either.

This is not due to me doing something different or weird with my body or eating something new or sleeping different or changing my detergent.

Any thoughts???


Interesting. We feel psychic physical impressions all the time. Back when I was Christian, and even still today right now, I have the tangible feeling of a crown on my head. Like an angel is putting it there. I know people who underwent astral body transformations felt all kinds of strange things as they were given wings, horns. If it feels like you have wings, maybe it’s a subtle reminder that you underwent a transformation like that prior to coming to earth? And if humans can become incubi or demons, maybe you were something like that before coming here as a human.

Just my thought.


i have wings in a way they come out when i get into a trance or practice magic. or feel mad or dark


I get the same thing on the crown of my head and my “third eye” regularly. I have no idea what it is either.

Try feeling a serpent slither up your back when there is nothing physically there. Now thats some WEIRD!


i almost always feel a serpent slither around my body I like it

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It’s a tension that is begging for attention.

Have read you, and also Prynce comment, the only thing that comes in my mind is, maybe Kundalini or your inner energy working in your meridians!
Unless you do a divination, it can be hard to describe if that is a entity, or your body simply been working on your own energy!

Although kundalini practice is not my forte. I have tried it but i see it like a somewhat useless meditation practice. It has manifested in me. How it felt wasnt exactly powerful. It was more on the same level as my own bodys energy. Not like the jolt of a spirit who is present

Yeas, Kundalini is just one of the several names for sexual energy and inner core chemistry, it is easier to use because you don’t need to going explaining everything it involves!
My own awakened and it never stops.
I did kundalini meditations for a entire year, some years ago and absolutely NOTHING happened…
and 3 years after, out of the blue, i felt it moving for the first time, just when i had stopped all meditation at all and was having a huge holidays from spirituality and magick!
Maybe the same will happens for you.