Physical Travel to the Astral

Discussion based around the title. What are your thoughts?

As for what spurred this-
On Saturday, my friend (same one with the ancestral unbound and funky book that burned him) opened himself at a funeral for one of our friends. I was there, trying to make sure things played nice with me and mine, so hes cool on that front. Later on that night, he had King Paimons name repeating in his head. The King’s message was “you were supposed to see this” and a flashback.

A couple years ago, my friends and I did some mushrooms. As the friend group began the comeup, i got the urge to just GO someplace else. Walked down the street with a couple friends, but they all turned back at a stopsign close to the house, except for the one i mentioned last paragraph. We continued onward, and found a little path leading to a stormdrain with a creek running into it. We sit down to smoke a cig there. We chill, and then hop up and pressed onward.

We ended up in a neighborhood, and wandered around, but geographically speaking there shouldnt have been a neighborhood that way (we tried to find it when we sobered up, no luck). The houses were copypasted of housetypes of different neighborhoods around. Everything felt out of place and mish mashed together. We kept 'xplorin, and reached the next crossroads in our journey. He felt a compulsion to head down a certain street. I noticed the street light flickering, and the darkness of that cul de sac was THICK. I said fuck that, lets keep on keeping. We come to a spot between two houses, that had a clear view of a pond. Across it, trees seemed to bend around a peculiar light. Instinct drew me closer, but my friend pulled me back because he couldnt see where the light was coming from, didnt trust it.

We decided to head back, opting to hide when a weird car with a severe looking individual and odd droning music came on. We both felt we dodged a bullet. We end up getting back to that creek and stormdrain, and do the same thing as when we started. Smoke a cig, and chill.

Walking along the path back homewards, our phones were being blown up by our friends. We explain where we’re at, and the friend looking for us picked us up. The first thing he said was “why arent you wet, its been fucking pouring here” we had no answer.

Forward to now. King Paimon’s “you were supposed to see” message kept coming to my friend, with an image of us staring at that light across the pond with a yellow light/cord connecting us. He said it was some sort of “Bastila-Revan bullshit”.

TLDR: Me and my friend tripped on shrooms, had a journey where shit didnt happen or look here like it did in the real world, its not our first rodeo with hallucinogenics. King Paimon has a message for my buddy about this trip we took. Buddy is paranormally inclined but not familiar with much if anything occult.

Thoughts, comments, concerns, questions?


Yup, It’s possible to enter the Astral with a Physical body albeit any techniques or practices for that seem to be either lost or destroyed.
I’d imagine it would be hard as fuck to master :thinking:

Overall sweet experience.


I just kept thinking of the water being the medium, and that drain being the cave/door elsewhere when he told me yesterday.


I might look into it, interesting.

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Im just curious as to the differences in astral travelling in the astral vs with your real body in the astral. What would the pros and cons be? Would a practitioners presence be even more powerful since youre material


Astral travelling with your physical body, or by physically interact within the astral plane - actively, passively and consciously - is a form of Astral Projecting.

You should take note of the differences between PHYSICAL INTERACTION and VISUAL INTERACTION. You can lack the ability to see spirits in the astral plane, but have a highly developed Clairsentience ability, which can have the sub-ability to see colors of energies taking visual forms.

These kind of astral communications can be quite instant and spontaneous. I experience this frequently.


Duly noted, thanks for your input

was it LSD?

Just mushrooms

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scratch that read it was shrooms how much did you take and does this shit happen every time?

I want to get some LSD and magic mushrooms for the soul purpose of Astral travel

2grams shrooms, never happened before like that with any hallucinogenic, this was before i got jiggy with the occult

In Robert Bruce’s Mastering Kundalini and Energy Work, in the very final section he talks about being able to project your physical body into the astral, making changes to it, then coming back. Like a form of shapeshifting.


I don’t have a ton to add, but this reminds me of the Middle Kingdom writings from Ancient Egypt that suggest that a subpopulation of their priests could ‘walk between worlds’. As far as I know, there are no known written accounts of the methodology that they used. It is often referred to as the Hidden or Secret Knowledge and was supposedly written on thin papyri to ensure that it would not survive over long periods.

If there are writings on the method(s) these priests used, or if there are spirits that are privy to this knowledge, I’m all ears.

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Question can that also go for the internal sight. I realised i project from the internal

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Really ? I might just be interested in getting this book now

That is actually the title of his course here on BALG ^.^

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Yes, this is also called “active dreaming” you can alter your appearance and everything in this 3d physical world in the astral plane.

Astral world is a precursor of our physical world :smiley:

I’m practicing to astral project / lucid dream to build my own temple. If you perform magick in the astral or your dreams it will have exponentially more power and more chance to succeed.


That is really cool. There are so many names/techniques that actually do ‘the same thing’. I wonder why the author chose that name ‘active dreaming’ for that technique.

It is an exciting prospect to think about!

Im interested in the use of this technique in a group setting. A group spiritwalk, with a point of entry and destination somewhat predetermined, though the realm we travel to changes the course of the journey.

Not for any plans of doing it, simply for science :smiley: