Physical tools vs virtual tools

Runes, cards, i-ching, etc all have apps. Do you prefer the real thing? Does one work better for you than the other?

I prefer the real thing and use the Night Sun Tarot. It all depends what you’re looking for.

@Gern_Blenston I have used both, and they work if you connect energetically of course. I tested it a few times also. For example using a Tarot reader online, and then drawing cards myself and getting the same cards…


I prefer the physical tools. There is something more satisfying to a physical Tarot deck than a virtual one. It’s the same thing for me with a physical book versus an ebook. Ebooks are great for the convenience factor (and sometimes the price) but they are nowhere near as engrossing for me as a book I can hold in my hands, run my fingers over the cover, and smell the pages. My senses all get wrapped up in the book and i sink into its magic deeply. That’s how EA’s book Works of Darkness got me :slight_smile:

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Tarot, Playing cards, knuckle bones, scrying, chamolongos, Obi, and Dilogun.

Chamolongos and Dilogun are the most accurate form of divination as they are binary and through pact thus the ancestprs connected never lie.
Astragalomancy or knuckle bones are great too I read the dice based off of the kabbalistic cross in the numbers they fall in. Tarot and playing cards is my foundation.
Scrying on the other hand is something i have a love hate relationship with as it usually results in a physical manifestation in my vessel, which is always alarming.

I’m not able to work with candles, incense etc. nor with physical Tarots and runes… good that the virtual ones really works (after all, it’s almost the same case with astral temple) :slight_smile:

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