Physical shape shifting

I think he’s a Greek god father of monsters? Lived in a volcanoe

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A winged serpent. One that tried to overthrow Zeus and got thrown into Tartarus. He sometimes seen as the son of Cronus other times the son of Gaia.

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A titan! yea thats power for real

Uranus is a titan lol i forgot all their names mostly

This is very interesting. Can you advise me on a good method of establishing contact with Sastan? Also, if I may ask, what physical changes to yourself have you accomplished with this method?

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Hello there; I just came across your thread. I can’t PM you yet because I am a relatively new user. Anyways, if you can advise on any methods for physically altering oneself by occult means, particularly in the direction of animalistic features, I’d be very grateful.

(don’t mind me, as i’m theorizing my ass off)

If believe can heal and create cancer,
then things like that could be possible, but need a shit ton of energy.

The alternative could be, to take a unborn “child” in its earliest stages,
and alter the singular cell bunch that it is.

Or, you would alter the sperm.

The goal is to have a vessel after your liking, and possessing it.

I am very interested in this. You talk about suppressing humanity, but what if someone such as myself wanted to transform halfway from human to wolf, i.e. become a wolfman?

Hmm. Wouldn’t a woman giving birth to a werewolf baby lose her cool long before it grew up to a point of being able to be possessed?

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I need new glasses I misread your post not as wearbear (?) but care bear. Wtf?


~And once its born, you feed it with the blood of the mother,
and the (alchemicly speaking) oil of the other remains.

Yes, i got that idea from the scriptures describing the creation of homunculi.

And because of the “difficulties”/great energetical expenses in keeping people ignorant of your practices, you might just stick with animals.

That’s daddy

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