Physical shape shifting

I’ve been on this journey for a long time working with gods, demons etc. To find methods if any of you are interested PM me because I believe all of us working on this together we can discover some pretty awesome results I have a few things that work so far but nothing to make the full transition.


could you explain this farther or pm me.

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I’m less interested in shifting into an animal and more interested in changing into another man or even a women of my choosing. Also it would be useful to be able to sustain this change as long as I desired.


I do believe shapshifting is real.
Once I could switch my eyes color from brown to dark green, then they returned to their natural color.
But I agree with @valkarath when he says that people see us the way we see ourselves.
My example: me and my dad are tall 1.75, but I clearly see him much taller because of many facts

Please PM me your questions, I will do my best.

Shapeshifting is possible, but not by flesh, in my sincerest opinion.

I’ve seen my eyecolor shift too, when looking through the mirror. Lazuli blue, with sparkles to it, while my original color is light blue. The change of color was how my eyes looks in the astral plane, rather than what it looks on the physical plane.

The biggest problem with the claims of shapeshifting by flesh, is that a lot of magicians is mixing that experience with the physical sensations they feel through the Clairsentience ability, because that ability can be very, very physical. It is so physical that it feels like it’s something going on with your physical body, while in reality, it’s the astral body that goes through the shapeshifting.

Let’s say you trained your clairsentience ability so much that you learned to see energies as an extension to physically feel energies and spirits. Looking at your eyes in the mirror reveals your astral self, and the colors of your astral self’s eyes. There is a distinguish difference there, but nonetheless just as real.

It’s quite an easy practice to see through the Clairsentience ability, once you learn to tweak it and control it. The layers between our world and the Otherdimensional World is as close as a blink of an eye. The lack of separation of our spiritual senses and our normal physical senses is often causing these “claims” which hasn’t been proven or even witnessed by a third party. That is just my thoughts of this topic.


English is not my native language, so I meant it wrong :smile:
I didn’t mean by flesh, it needed many weeks to make it happen, but when I stopped my practice, they returned brown

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Shapeshifting within the astral plane is a long, complicated process, indeed. For me, that lasted for a couple of months and it was quite graphical and physical. These kind of changes can’t be undone, and it remains even when we take a break from our practices and we can’t see them for a second time. It’s neither active, nor dormant and it often appears by instinct or as a reaction by something, or by someone, triggering it to reopen again. That’s how it works for me, anyway.

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You make me think that maybe what happened to me is because it was summer and my eyes changed color for that reason.
Maybe it is.
Considering this, I’ll give a try again to see and change.

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Your eye color doesn’t change because of the heat and the sun, but your lens get smaller to adjust to the light. It’s very much possible that your eye color changed, but I’m certain it was a change that occurred within your astral senses, rather than an earthly environmental changes.

What you can do is to scry on your reflection on a mirror. Scry on one of your eyes, by focusing on the iris as close to the lens as possible.

It’s quite tricky to scry on your eyes, but it’s quite useful and it’s also good practice to learn scrying at larger objects.


I have recently developed an interest in this. I would like to shape shift into the form of the humble house cat :blush::cat2: And after reading a few articles I learned that the very key for a full shape shifting is to master soul travel first. (This is essential as this is how you would manifest 3 dimentional objects from the astral plane to our physical world, an obvious step to be able to transfigure your physical form into another). You astral travel out of your body. Transform your etheral body into the animal first then use the transformed etheral body to enter your physical body and your physical body will take on the new shape. All in theory ofcourse I can’t astral travel YET. It may help. The articles explains it better.


While I’ve never become a cat, I have physically- not just astrally- shapeshifted before.

Yeah that sounds like bullshit to me.

How I’ve done it in the past, when needing anything from a shift in this body to a completely different form, is holding the intent of it. Since you want to be a cat, you’d move like a cat does as you do this to deepen your intent. Move your gaze to one of the bottom corners of your vision, and hold only the thought of you being- not becoming- a cat.

When the intent has swallowed your human mind, through practice and intensity, you will suddenly find yourself as a cat. Not in terms of just energy.

You will be a cat.


Will evoking the Goddess Bast assist with this? Cats are sacred to her.

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This practice is entirely reliant on your own ability to squash your humanity.

A god of monsters, the opposite and core of humanity, would be of more use.

Try Typhon.


Is he demonic ? To squash your human identity is a big deal. Can’t be done overnight. I’m blady stubborn ask Azazel he will tell you.

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Typhon would make Azazel shit his pants.

He is much, much stronger than Azazel.


Dude your scary… Azazel is not exactly a light weight in spiritual world also. He began human evolution…

People always give the wrong guy credit, regardless of species.

Who did start that, the evolution?

Id shapshift into a wearbear. From my understanding azazel “helped” with evolution crafting metals and showing girls how to wear makeup. I love azazel but typhon sounds like leviathan. Something older and more powerful.