Physical Plane Travel?

So recently I’ve began thinking about doing soul travel. Obviously I would want to use it to go to the astral and other planes, but I’m curious about using it to travel the physical plane. I’ve heard mixed accounts regarding it. Some say no, some say yes, and others give a mix. For example I’ve heard that you can, but the plane will look somewhat different because of energy impressions or similar. I’ve also heard of using to travel to a person on the physical and do things to them there that would then affect them, like sending love energy to a person you want to date. So could someone clear it up for me?

Yes you can project onto the physical, you’ll be on the physical energetic layer, in some parts of the psionic community it’s called the biolocative plane.

However, no it will look the same in most places, however there will be certain differences such as lingering energies of the dead. There’s also people whose energy is so potent that it slightly warps their living space that is only seen on this layer.

while I dont really believe in “love” energy, yes you can project to someone and affect their body since this plane is closer to us than pretty much any of the others, using various energies to affect them.

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Would you mind answering another quick question I have about soul travel? I’m curious, how do you choose the plane that you go to? Like from what I’ve when people first project it is into the physical, so what I wonder is how do you go to the other planes? Using sigils as portals perhaps? Or do you maybe just visualize your vibration rising and you go to the others?

I find many project here first or the astral first, intention plays a important role in where you end up as well.

You can use sigils as portals, but you can also project to your physical location and each plane has it’s own density spectrum, astral vibrates on a faster density than the etheric, both vibrate faster than the energetic physical and the mundane physical.

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