Physical pain in the presence of an enemy

Hello everybody,

I have an enemy who is in the occult and every time he is near me I feel physical pain near to my sacral chakra does anyone know what technique is used?

Thanks in advance

There are a lot of ways you could do this, but it reminds me of this technique from Charles Cosimano:

Take a seat near the rear of the hall, so that you have the pick of victims sitting in front of you. Now, as the speaker drones on, stare at the back of the neck of a person in front of you, where the skull meets the neck, and visualize a drill boring into the back of the neck. See your energy field form the drill and watch it grind into the person. You should begin to notice, after a short time, that he has a hard time keeping his mind on the lecture and will begin to seriously fidget and may even take an aspirin (…) You may experience some difficulty visualizing the drill with your eyes open, but do not be discouraged by that. It is a skill that sometimes takes a bit of practice and even if you do not actually see the drill, merely knowing that it is there is usually sufficient to get the work done.

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Thank you very much I didn’t know that :smiling_imp:
I thought he was doing a spell before he came to the area
many thanks
is there a way to protect yourself from it when you are there ?

Defensive thoughtforms are fairly straightforward. Shields, armor, imagining your body or energy body as being made of some hard immutable material. Just charging your sacral chakra with vital energy may be enough to counteract it depending on his technique. If he’s able to hurt you it means that you have a weakness that he’s exploiting, find the weakness and correct it.

Also it may be possible that you’re involuntarily performing a painful energetic movement yourself whenever you’re near this person. Pay attention to when and how the pain occurs, whether it feels as though it’s origination from an external source or from your own mind.

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every time i feel pain i see him looking at me or near me and he seems to be tensing the muscles in his face and upper body.
He probably uses the technique you mentioned.