Physical Pain Healed

I want to report on something positive that happened to me, nothing major but still significant.

I read something in an RHP book called “The Lightworkers’ Way” that has teachings in it based on Christian Science and Deepak Chopra-ish lines of thought. It said that often physical problems are directly linked to holding onto negative thoughts. And so if you have a sore neck this lightworker therapist would ask “what do you feel in your life right now is a pain in the neck?” and if someone had leg pain “What in your life do you feel like you can’t stand anymore?”.

Obviously people are born with disorders or have serious illnesses that seem to be based on something more than just emotional/soul health, and I reckon RHP followers would argue that it’s karma. But I just want to report on something surprising that happened to me.

When at the gym working out especially, but also when I was still and not doing anything, I’ve been having chest pain. I was sure the problem must be my diet, I enjoy savoury food. I was contemplating the pain and meditating on it and trying to focus on my intuition, didn’t actually want to see a doctor cause they’re offputting.

I didn’t get any intuition telling me my pain was about my thoughts. But I started pondering anyway: the pain is in my chest, linked to the heart chakra. Could the issue be grief or love distress? When I thought out loud to myself how I’d been upset with my experiences with love, I more so faced what had been upsetting me personally, and now the pain is virtually gone. I feel a lot better. I still feel like my heart may be effected by my diet, but I feel like not being reflective of my emotions was exacerbating it. Seeing as emotions are the language of the soul.

Just thought I’d share this with you all.