Physical evocation

So I want to make an evocation ritual but I want the demon to manifest in a visible way, do you know a way to properly do this? Maybe an advice

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Um…evocation is the summoning of a spirit to physical manifestation. That is the very definition of the word.


Some people on discord talked about it and said it wasn’t a completely physical thing, I really want to summon king paimon and I was unsure, thanks

It’s not physical as if it’s another person. Magicians use a manifestation base, usually incense smoke for the spirit to build its body and if you have the eyes to see, the spirit is visible plain as as day.


The book that i suggest you shoul read on evocaton and they have great information… And the most proper and real knowledge about evoking and summoning spirits are

  1. evoking eternity by E A koetting…

  2. Summoning spirits by kosntatinous

  3. 72 angels of magic by Damon brand …

They are pretty good and they are user friendly …and they are very far away from Hollywood mind setting…


Sick, thank you!!!1!1


Heres a very easy techinque for physical manifetacion.

firstly ask the spirit to show you its astral form.

now when the smoke of the incense rises into a thick form that can aslo fill the whole room simply invision the entity manifestasting use just observation and will,dont watch it with fear or excitment simply observe it rising and manifesting this is crucial trust me.

when you invision the entity on the smoke feel the inner world alligning perfectly with the astral outer world this making the manifestacion possible.


Thank you! :heart: