Physical Dension

I currently have a situation, which i can only come by, using my magickal skills…

Energy supply, isn’t a problem, i have access to an nexus.
I try to re-produce an physical transformation,which i did while Azazel posessed me,
but it scattered into an illusion back then.

This time, i want to reproduce the efect,
but dense it into physical stable grade.

The technique, was to convert the items, by counting them from the left hand (hand of death)
to the right hand (hand of Life).

Back then, the necessary energy was drawn from some other magician,
which is why it felt super badly, and i didn’t try again.

His name was something like s…103
And i was using the 0 to focus and syncronize my mind to the polaritys,
of left being one, right being 3.

Still, i only did an temporarly illusion there.

i know, numinosis made the work possible
Which is a full activated Ajna Chakra, and changing letters into symbols.

and even tho, this direct access to physical reality was successful,
i kinda felt, anytime, it’s done that way, is harmful, and shouldn’t be done, at least not from me.

But i now have other skills, and developed a bit, and at least, i kinda look into re-doing it…
becouse, i’ll have to gather around 4-5000€ basicly out of nothing, in under 20 days. my normal monthly income is 1300 €, while at the same time, being unemployed, which created half of the costs.

I allready came to the conclusion, i’ll propably have to do physical death of ego, after the work.

But i need ideas and input, to get myself more pushed back into it.

I go over several mental blockages here, aswell…
since i have to break my own beliefs, in order to furfill the task at hand.

Still, i want to do the Work!

It’s such quickly needed to be worked through, becouse i have an very importend opportunity, and inventation, from an Brother of mine, to come by, and follow for.
And in Love for him, i don’t want to let him wait, longer then necessary.

Kinda miss that friend.

Becouse the last time,
we went away from each other,
we kinda had an argue,
and i still feel sorrow for being rude to him…

Oh and i know, that affecting Members is against the rules, that’s why i did all i could, back then, to reduce the potency back down, and secure the well being of the sorcerer which was entangled into the spell.
Basicly he was vampirized by me, without me intending to do so.
So i want to be sure, that this time, i do no mistakes with it. :wink:


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Your intentions are honorable. I am certain, without any doubt, that you already know how to manifest the money.

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I know a vew ways, but None of them seems apropriate.

Since None of them actually Matches the Situation.

However, i’ll see…

And still, there is this Thing in my head, telling me, the laws of nature are not to be broken.

Fuckin Dogma shit.^^


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‘The Laws of Nature are not be broken’…??


Introducing the Second Pentacle of Mercury:

This Talisman is said to gain the impossible, granting wishes contrary to the order of nature.

The Spirits herein written serve to bring to effect and to grant things which are contrary unto the order of Nature; and which are not contained under any other head. They easily give answer, but they can with difficulty be seen.

The Letters form the Names of Böel and other Spirits.




Have to dive deeply there. :wink:

But it just reminds me, thath
the Situation was Chosen to be
exactly this way
’cous he haves to learn the lesson
still he doesn’t act according to it.

  • But i don’t know…
    Maybe i should ask Sorath,
    to make Things clearer…
    Still, i don’t want to go down that lane.
    Sill, i believe in it being unneccassary.

Look, you’ve seen the old scroll.
I wrote HV before any of those were accessable to me.
And the same time, i knew the mechanics, back then, allready…

you know me.
I just don’t like that route. :wink:

… this is just ridicioulus.
It brings me further and further to exactly that choice i Keep myself away from.
To the choice of ignoring it,
and not teaching any more.
Which is obviously not my desired path of Action.

Then still, it’d match a very simple rule:
Told ya, if you want it, come and get it.
Told it right from the start.
Not letting you turn around the Card…

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I actually know exactly what you mean.

Haha! There is always a key for any lock.

I saw that it’s from the Greater Key of Solomon, but I found it in: The Complete Book of Amulets and Talismans by Migene Gonzalez Wippler. The description in that book is the same as what you pasted in.

Very nice.

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yaah, but i’m also confused.

Again Energy shifts constantly pluage me,
I love being so fully surrounded with Spirits.
But i hardly understand,
how to Keep in the Zone between “muggles”

i kinda feel it starts to draw a lot from me.

I came to question, if the very Picture i have as Profile Picture right now,
a scroll i made before i ever even touched magick in the way i’d later on do,
which may well be from around that time, becouse i remember at 14 doing such stuff,

but at the other Hand,
it feels like i’m tryin too hard,
know what i mean?

I’ve allready been blessed with lot’s of good fortune,
and i don’t wan’t to be an issue to anybody.
On the other Hand, there is almost daily stuff i learn…

i know what death of ego feels like…

I Comes down to a very old Sayin…

I’ve been blind,
yet now,
i can see.

~Ascendum Aetrtynalis~