Phil Farber: Hypnosis & Mind Altering Substances


Our current installment of “Interviews With A Magus” features our special guest, Phil Farber.

Phil is a very experienced hypnotist, and is close friends with the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the infamous Richard Bandler. He’s authored several books on the subject of magick, including “Meta-Magick” and “FutureRitual”.

In this interview, E.A. gets him to reveal his perspective on magick evocation, and brain change through the lens of professional hypnotism.

Together, the two magicians discuss the positive and negative effects of using mind-altering substances, and psychedelic chemicals to enhance and empower ritual workings. Also, both men share their sage advice for avoiding any fatal mistakes that novice explorers make while experimenting with drugs.

To me, the most important part of the interview is where they conclude that real omnipotence transcends the need for magick ritual altogether. And you harness the power to use your mind to directly materialize change in your world.

It’s a truly fascinating interview, and it’s live right now until next month.

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Is the Interviews With a Magus a recurring payment? Or do we need to purchase each one separately?
Also - do we get email notifications? I haven’t seen any for the new interview.
Danke :slight_smile:


its reoccurring and I just check the page.


I’m thinking that each time we complete 13 interviews, I’ll package them all together into a video album, entitled something like “Season 1”. And we’ll make this program available to everyone who wants to watch interviews they missed.


Cool Beans! We will no doubt take advantage of it! :wink: Z


Man! It will probably be a greatest HIts. I like it.


At the moment, it’s most likely Robert Bruce.

I’m sure it will be AMAZING to hear these guys recount their experiences with astral travel, and soul travel. Robert rarely discusses magick publicly, so this is a valuable opportunity for E.A. to dig for gold regarding his background in magical projection and astral pathworking.

I’m the producer, so I obviously get to listen to them freely, but if I wasn’t, then I’d absolutely sign up to enjoy them.

I’d be shocked if these magicians don’t have at least several stories that make my jaw drop, and clarify something that was confusing me.