Phenibut and astral projection

Has anyone heard of phenibut and if so can it help with AP?


Yea Phenibut. I’m not sure if it helps with astral projection but it will induce euphoria at different doses to the point it will interfere with your senses, emotions, etc. You want to stay relaxed…not overly excited.

If you still want to try it for AP stay under 1000mg. Maybe the lowest you can try is 200mg enough to relax and sedate yourself without much or any euphoria. Of course everyone reacts different, though.

Yes it was in a preworkout i took, it made me feel
High but different than weed I think it would help

Thanks. Did you AP?

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im new at magick and invoking demons but have consumed many many substances including phenibut. it gives many very lucid dreams and others nightmares once it leaves the brain and central nervous system. ive been on opioids so long now that I lack emotion. ive been studying hard for about 3 months now but because of lack of emotion im wondering if im even capable of a successful invocation?? how important are emotions when invoking?? id imagine pretty important role from what ive read. has anyone invoked during a long drug addiction to kratom?

For astral projection and OBEs your best bet is the dissociative and deliriant class drugs, in my experience namely Ketamine, Mxe, Dxm, Nightshade and Datura. That being said, I experienced too much nausea with Phenibut when stationary to consider it safe for astral projection, last thing you want is the urge to vomit when you’ve already commanded your body parts to sleep.
Good luck out there space cowboy.

As far as emotions and evoking goes, they’re important if you want something to stick with you, you might be brought an epiphany, a blessing or a curse and think nothing of it because you gave it no emotional value and let it scuttle away like the lost memories of dreams.