Petty Opposition

Today, I discovered someone stole my license plate.

I know I had my license plate prior to the working I finished this weekend, but it’s completely gone now.

I had to take my girlfriend to work so I could take care of it and replace my missing license plate. Before I left, I did a brief “you don’t notice me” invisibility ritual to keep the cops off my ass.

The funny thing was a cop came up behind me in the left lane while I was in the right lane. He had a clear view of my missing license plate, but never noticed it and went on his merry way. hehe

When I got back this morning, the first thing I did was set down and decide on how I want to punish these thieves. Just need to pick up some black pepper corns, cayenne pepper, and fennel later.

And I’ll charge a piece of obsidian I have with a protection rite and put it in the glove box. No reason to deal with this petty bullshit again.




hehe i know what those herbs are for i use them a lot lmao.

kill em with fire